Source Material: Batman Hush Stories Part 1

Batman Hush Stories

Hello everyone, welcome to another fantastic episode of Source Material. Tonight’s episode heads back to the Batcave to discuss arguably one of the best recent Batman stories told. The Batman Hush Stories are written by Jeph Loeb and pencilled by Jim Lee in 2002-2003. Batman’s Hush put the world’s greatest detective into another tremendous who dunnit mystery. Introducing a new villain to Batman’s rogue gallery, Hush masterfully used psychology to torment the Caped crusader over a 12 issue arc, delivering a potent story to readers at the time and a tale that still holds up today.

Join Jessie Starcher as he, the RIBN resident evil ginger Jayson Teasley, and Screaming Boy’s Ronnie Adams venture into this story to truly find out the identity of Batman’s assailant. This discussion will be split into three parts, four issues a piece airing for the next three Mondays on both the Radulich in Broadcasting Network and here on W2Mnet as well.

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Source Material: Batman Hush Stories Part 1

About the Radulich in Broadcasting Network

Mark Radulich created the Radulich in Broadcasting Network, which started with the 411 Ground and Pound Radio Show, which is featured on the 411Mania.com’s MMA section. Later, Radulich would partner up with 411Mania alumni Sean Comer to create the movie franchise review podcast Long Road to Ruin and then Robert Cooper to create the metal album review podcast, The Metal Hammer of Doom. Robert Winfree took over the MMA show and then added his own podcast, Everybody Loves a Bad Guy. That’s when the Radulich in Broadcasting Network was born. Joining Winfree in having their own podcasts were super fan’s Jesse Starcher (Source Material) and Jayson Teasley (From the Cheap Seats). The RIB has also partnered with The Casual Heroes for wrestling shows and the occasional movie related podcast. Finally Winfree and Radulich added a weekly movie review show to the ever growing lists of podcasts on the Network.

About Source Material

Source Material is a comic book podcast that discusses some of the great and sometimes not-so-great comic book story arcs that have been published. Usually hosted by Jesse Starcher and his good friend Ronnie Adams. They bring on a multitude of guests to talk comic book storylines. Sort of like a book of the month club, but with comics. They also throw a dash of current events in every once in a while. Or just shoot the breeze with some of their “BS” episodes. Just trying to keep it casual and fun.

Jesse Starcher

Podcasts are one of the greatest mediums ever. 10 years ago Jesse found myself driving back and forth to work with over an hour of travel time. Talk radio became something that he enjoyed and helped kill time during the commute. The problem was NPR never stayed completely interesting and his only other options were the ESPN network and the local channel that hosted religious programming. Always the same show… at the same time. It was pretty limited. About three years ago he discovered Podcasts and it changed how he spent much of his time. It opened up options to great niche content that he never even knew was available. After that, he got his first podcast gig on the From the Cheap Seats sports podcast with Jayson Teasley and became a co-host shortly after that.

His real passion however was comics. He managed to talk Mark Radulich into letting him do the network’s premier comic book podcast Source Material. This would give him a platform to chat with friends about one of his favorite hobbies. A tremendous opportunity. Also, recently Jesse has worked his way into becoming the third co-host, alongside Mark Radulich and Robert Cooper, of the metal Hammer of Doom podcast. He loves music and a podcast about heavy-metal right up his alley.

Ronnie Adams

The reason Ronnie started the Screaming Boy Podcast is that he’s always loved discussing things that he’s passionate about (as most anyone does). This gives Ronnie an opportunity to gather friends and likeminded ( and sometimes not so likeminded) people together and talk, laugh and just have a good time talking about what they love. The biggest influence in this was Kevin Smith. While watching one of his “Evening With” specials, he gave his reasoning behind making Clerks. Hit or not, he made that. He left his mark. That inspired Ronnie. Thus, Screaming Boy was born. This opened up opportunities to become friends with other podcasts and be invited into the Radulich in Broadcasting Network who also plays the show and has given Ronnie the opportunity to co-host with Jesse Starcher on Source Material.

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