About W2Mnet.com

About W2Mnet.com

W2Mnet.com was founded by several people and is the culmination of something that began in the summer of 2012. Sean Garmer and Gary Vaughan were part of a friend’s website, where there was an official podcast. Gary and Sean decided to start Wrestling 2 the MAX, or W2M for short. W2M was intended to be a sister podcast to that show. The podcast made a name for itself because Gary and Sean covered what others didn’t wanna talk about. Starting with Smackdown, the early days of Full Sail NXT, Impact Wrestling, and some news. The show blossomed by adding regular guests in Paul Leazar as a co-host in 2013, while also growing into covering WWE PPV‘s and RAW.

Each year that’s passed, the podcast added something or someone to make it even better. They took it live to Spreaker and got on social media. Not to mention, the show that would eventually become Football 2 the MAX was introduced at that time as well. In 2014, the guys got on Youtube, brought out the W2M EXTRA, and Sean took over what would become Video Games 2 the MAX too.

2015 was a huge year, as PPV review shows became a necessity, due to the addition of regularly covering Ring of Honor, Lucha Underground, and New Japan Pro-Wrestling on the regular episode. 2015 also led to the creation of the W2M Network. 2016 has seen the W2M Podcast split into two shows so the guys could be even more timely. Then the WWE brand split caused RAW and Smackdown to get their own review shows as well. Not to mention, covering 205 Live too.

The W2M Network is really the inspiration for this website. It’s also where the “net” comes into the name. Ultimately, it is a digital representation of a network that includes so many different genres. It is also a place with so many different personalities and hopefully, it can continue to grow and add more of them. This website not only gives these podcasts a home but also a place for those personalities to flourish with writing as well. Thus, we started with the four pillars of what the W2M Network has been about. Wrestling, Games, Football (also covering Soccer), and Entertainment.

So, whether you are an aspiring writer or someone that’s always just wanted to have a platform to speak your mind on something you love. Please visit our “Join the W2M Network” or “Write for Us” links for more information on how to join the staff.

* We are proud and honored to have a great staff of writers, contributors, and podcasts hosts. However, the following people are the ones who keep the website going on a daily basis. *

W2Mnet.com Head Staff

20160408_132616-001Sean Garmer, Editor-in-Chief, W2Mnet.com Founder

Sean Garmer brings nearly two decades of experience in the online journalism field. He studied Journalism at the University of North Texas and He’s written about a variety of topics from wrestling and video games to World Cup soccer, football, and entertainment. He’s sort of a jack-of-all-trades here for W2Mnet. Aside from hosting various podcasts, producing and editing, Sean helps wherever is needed. Doing reviews for video games, sifting through news, and contributing to various group articles. He’s also sort of the face of the website, as he’s the main point of contact through social media and for the press as well. While trying to keep things tidy around here, he also works with everyone else to create content. When Sean isn’t writing, editing, or podcasting, he’s playing video games, watching sports, or spending time with his daughter.

download_20160907_213021-001Gary Vaughan, Wrestling 2 the MAX host, W2Mnet.com Founder

Gary is very multi-faceted. He has a degree from the University of North Texas and is not only the host of the Wrestling 2 the MAX podcast, he co-hosts Football 2 the MAX, he’s the audio editor for the entire network, he’s made many of the logos, and he really works behind the scenes to make things happen. When Gary isn’t doing work here, he’s putting time in at his local church, watching TV shows, or spending time with his wife and daughter.

received_10153882802998201Paul Leazar, Wrestling Senior Editor, W2Mnet.com Founder

Paul Leazar has been a wrestling fan for over 25 years. He’s watched wrestling from all over the world and has had the good fortune to talk and write about it for the past five years. Paul has a history degree from the University of Texas at Dallas and has a great deal of writing and proofreading experience from both university work, and amateur writing. Paul also co-hosts the Wrestling 2 the MAX Podcast, he’s also the key force as to why the podcast has expanded into discussing so many different promotions. Paul helps edit, writes reviews, and brings a breadth of knowledge on so many subjects.

img_0242-001Marc Morrison, Games Department Head, W2Mnet.com Founder

Marc Morrison has been a long-term game playing person for most of his life. Having grown up on Tetris on the Gameboy, and late night sleepovers with friends to play Super Mario Bros., it wasn’t until he was about ten when he got both a Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, and he was hooked from the start. Since then, Marc’s had a few of the various consoles: Original Xbox, 360, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, a Dreamcast, a Jaguar (a real winner, he can assure you), a PSP, a GameCube or two, a Wii, and some others that have floated around in his lifetime. Marc has written a whole host of reviews, columns, and other things about video games. Marc is also the co-host of the Video Games 2 the MAX Podcast, and he also enjoys finding great deals at the local flea market or on Steam.

download_20160908_020927-001Daniel Anderson, Games Senior Editor, W2Mnet.com Founder

Daniel Anderson is a man that knows how to manage his time. Between full-time jobs, going to school, a wife, and two kids, it is absolutely amazing how he finds time to play any games. But he actually does, writing game reviews. Daniel also contributes to anything he can in the football department as well. When he’s not working or writing here, he’s spending time with family and trying to catch up on sleep.

Erik Watkins, W2Mnet.com Football Department Head, Podcast Host

Erik Watkins is truly multi-faceted and he shows it almost every day. He is one of the lynchpins of the W2M Network. Co-hosting three different podcasts and hosting his own, Point of Viewer, as well. Without Erik, some of the audio networks major podcasts would not run, as he co-hosts both Football 2 the MAX and Soccer 2 the MAX. While also being part of the crew on The Kickoff too. Mr. Watkins also serves as one of the main editors for the website as well. Helping with any department when needed. However, now he heads the football department and takes care of all things football and soccer related. Not to mention, he brings his multiple years covering all sorts of football from Arena to the Pros too. Although, perhaps his most underrated asset to the team is that he’s always making people laugh. Keeping things light, in what can be a dark world.

Elizabeth Pugliese, W2Mnet.com Wrestling Department Head, Podcast Co-Host

Elizabeth Pugliese has come through in the clutch so many times. Her main reason for coming to the site is to help co-host the Wrestling 2 the MAX WWE review shows. Specifically on Smackdown and 205 Live. However, in a short time, Liz has proven to be extremely valuable in many areas. She fills in on any of the W2M shows if one of her other compatriots cannot attend. While also helping in the writing arena as well. Now, she runs the show when it comes to the wrestling side of things for W2Mnet. While also helping out on the social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, and much more.

Robert Taylor, MMA 2 the MAX Host, Wrestling & Games Writer

Robert’s main thing is hosting the MMA 2 the MAX podcast, where he talks all things MMA, UFC, Bellator and more with his co-host Joe Hudson. He also helps contribute to things in the Wrestling and Games sections as well. While also writing the occasional Game review too. Along with Erik, Robert is great at keeping things on the lighter side and making us all laugh, even when talking about serious subject matter.

Former W2Mnet.com Head Staff

received_10153772010266674Randy Isbelle, Former Games Dept. Head, Football Co-Senior Editor, Current Games Contributor and W2Mnet.com Founder

Randy Isbelle started his gaming life playing an old Space Invaders arcade cabinet before getting his first NES system. He is a fan of platformers and sports games mostly but enjoys games from almost every genre. He has a history as a video games writer and a podcaster, as he is also the co-host for the Backlog Busting Project. Randy has always been a fan of the classics and loves to bring some of the old gems to a younger generation. Randy also was a former co-host of both Football and Fantasy Football 2 the MAX podcasts, while helping organize a lot of content for the website. Randy is a lifelong NY Jets fan and was a lynchpin of the Football department too. This father of two even plays unique games such as darts and bowling as well.

PatrickPatrick Ketza, Former Wrestling Senior Editor

Growing up in Chicago, Patrick has never been away from wrestling. From WWE, ROH, AAW, SHIMMER, and everything in between, he’s had at least a taste of everything. More into the Chicago indie circuit, following SHIMMER and AAW, Patrick still never shies away from making his opinions heard to all who will listen. Patrick also hosts the Wrestling Unwrapped Podcast too.

received_1439825896033878Michael Mitchell, Former Football Co-Senior Editor

As a lifelong Steelers fan, Mike Mitchell has followed football for over 30 years. Mike was the original co-host of the Fantasy Football 2 the MAX podcast, which has gave him a chance to share insight from 17 years of experience playing Fantasy Football. He loves friendly and intelligent conversations about sports and life.

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