Join The W2M Network

Join The W2M Network

The W2M Network is the podcast/audio network of and it houses quite a number of podcasts from all different genres. Whether you are looking to get into podcasting, or have already been in the field for several years, we are always looking for more shows to add to the W2M Network.

We currently have four different hosting opportunities available.

Starting with a W2M Network branded show

Perhaps you want to get into podcasting, but you don’t want to go through the hassle of naming your show, creating a logo, an intro, and having to find how to record it. We can do all of that for you, if you select to have a “2 the MAX” branded name. This will put you into the same echelon as our other original shows, you would have access to our Spreaker Studio for recording, we would give you a plug on our other shows, along with being on all of our social media and listening channels. Though we would own the name and the logo, it would allow you to get started broadcasting quickly, be part of a brand from the start, and you could always take what you learned into the next step.

Creating an original podcast

So, you have a name and an idea and are serious about podcasting. Paying for a podcast host site and trying to start from scratch on I-Tunes can be daunting. Using the free versions of these podcast host sites gets very limited, very fast as well. Starting an original show with us has advantages that you would instantly get listeners from the W2M Network by being on all of our listening channels and social media avenues. You’d also be able to slowly build an audience on your own with a solo I-Tunes, Stitcher, and other podcast accounts. Plus, if you don’t have a way to record your show, we can record it for you with our access to Spreaker Studio.

Become a full Partner Podcast

Lets say you already have a podcast, built a name, are already on all those podcasting outlets, but you’d like to be part of a strong network to get more listeners. We offer that as well. This is more of a mutual relationship between you and us. Any time you post a show, we will download the show and then post it on our network as well.

This gives us another podcast on the network to promote, while you get extra listeners that you didn’t have before, while also getting to be on all of the W2M Network channels and social media. Not to mention, this very website as well as a podcast post. Your logo is also placed under the Podcast tab on the website. We just ask that you mention us somewhere on your podcast.

Website Promotional Deal

We fully understand that people may want to build their own podcast network or just want to do their own thing. We still offer simple website promotion. We would embed one of your players into an article and turn it into a podcast post, which would be treated like any other article on the website and promoted on our social media. Then you can decide if you want to use that to promote it in other places or not. It would give us content for the website and you get promotion out of it on your audio feeds, without having to join anything else. You’d also get your own hub on the website by being added to our Podcast page.

Whichever of these four options you choose is up to you, but please fill out the form below and if we feel you are a fit for the website and perhaps the W2M Network, we will respond back accordingly.

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