Final Fantasy XVI Spoilercast

Final Fantasy XVI Spoilercast

Sean Garmer‘s been talking about Final Fantasy XVI for more than a month by this point, he’s actually midway through a second playthrough on Final Fantasy Mode right now. So of course, there had to be a Final Fantasy XVI Spoilercast.

However, Sean is not alone on this one, he’s joined by the host of W2M Network‘s Chapter Select Pod, Randy Isbelle, the host of the Duosense Pod, Andrew Orozco, and the reviewer of the game for, SithScott as well.

Get ready as the guys are going to take a deep dive on the plot of the game, their favorite characters, moments, sidequests, Eikons, the combat system, and a whole lot more. So be forewarned as the title says this will contain SPOILERS. So if you haven’t played the game yet, or haven’t finished it, maybe go do that first.

However, if you have experienced the journey, please come in watch or listen and enjoy the ride. It is sure to be a fun one!

Come One, Come All to the Final Fantasy XVI Spoilercast

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