Football 2 the MAX: All SEC Championship Game, Black Monday Comes, NFL Playoff Predictions

Black Monday
Austin Seibert #43 of the Oklahoma Sooners attempts the field goal but is blocked by Lorenzo Carter #7 of the Georgia Bulldogs in the 2018 College Football Playoff Semifinal Game at the Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual at the Rose Bowl on January 1, 2018 in Pasadena, California. – Getty Images

On this episode of Football 2 the MAX, Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins are joined by a returning Gary Vaughan. And boy do they have a doozy of a show.

They begin by breaking down the two College Football Playoff Semifinal games. Georgia took it to double overtime but dispatched the Oklahoma Sooners and Baker Mayfield. While Alabama dismantled Clemson handily. Making the National Championship game all Southeastern Conference. The guys give their opinions on the results, if this is good for College Football, and how viewership is affected as well.

After that, they move on to discuss all the coaching changes from Black Monday. Did Jim Caldwell deserve to go? Will Jon Gruden actually join the Oakland Raiders? How shocked are they about Ted Thompson leaving the Green Bay Packers General Manager post. Plus, is it time for Dez Bryant to go in Dallas?

Finally, all three give their full NFL Playoff predictions. They break down the wild card match-ups. Plus, go through each subsequent round and pick their Super Bowl Champions too. Their choices might surprise you.

Football 2 the MAX: All SEC Championship Game, Black Monday Comes, NFL Playoff Predictions

About Football 2 the MAX

Football 2 the MAX is a podcast that focuses on what’s going on every week in the NFL. We have two shows each week, one on Monday nights after MNF discussing everything that happened that week and we also do a Thursday night show after TNF previewing the upcoming week as well. We also do off-season series with guests, cover the NFL Draft, and season previews as well. Basically we are your one stop shop destination for all things American Football. You can follow the guys on twitter @W2MSean, @W2MGary, @squidsportshead, or the entire network @W2MNetwork.

Sean Garmer

Studied Journalism at the University of North Texas Born in Arkansas, his favorite college team is the Arkansas Razorbacks, but all of his professional loves come from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where he spent 20 years of his life. So, that means Sean is a huge Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks supporter as well. Sean is an avid fan of watching football game film, learning about the history of NFL, and fantasy football. Most of his professional writing comes from spending years covering soccer in various forms, but he’s also covered football, wrestling, and video games as well.

Gary Vaughan

is a native of North Texas. He is also a graduate of the University of North Texas with aspirations of a higher level of education. Like a majority of Texans, football is his sports passion. Ironically, his passion for the game sparked from his love of Madden 98. From that point on, he has poured hours into studying NFL history and game film. Gary is a student of the game and is a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. His second sport is hockey, followed up by the rest of the American sports scene.

Erik Watkins

Erik started out with watching games and staying up late for Sunday and Monday night. It spread to college, and eventually just about every single sport in the book. By the time he graduated from UNF, all his friends and family thought Erik would be better off as a sportswriter. Perhaps a journalist, or a commentator than anything to do with math (boy were they right). So, after wandering around with a degree and looking for a job, he started a blog. The blog turned into some freelance work. After that, work led him right here talking about the game that he loves.


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