How Wrestling Bonds Family Together

Wrestling Bonds Family Together

How Wrestling Bonds Family Together

The words sharpshooter, stunner, or pile driver are rarely seen in relation to love and happiness. Much less considered ingredients utilized to bond relationships. In my case they are more than just wrestling moves and finishers. Wrestling has been a key part of many memories and the start to my “father – son/daughter” relationship.

For example, my son. One day, when he was four months old, he would not stop crying. I tried everything. Toys… how you doing? Milk… how you doing? Rocking him… how you doing? Nothing seemed to work. It just happened that WCW Monday Nitro was about to start. The music, the fireworks, and the larger than life characters filled my 19” television. Surprisingly, my son suddenly stopped crying. This was the beginning of his wrestling fascination.

However, this didn’t just start and end with my son? OH NOOOO!!! My two daughters went through similar experiences. My first daughter enjoyed dropkicking dad awake in bed and choosing a WWE house show over a Disney‘s Princess on Ice show. The second, loves to re-enact AJ Styles‘ entrance, as well as hum Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance music. Both my girls discovered the magic of sports-entertainment at an early age. Now, at ages 16, 13 and 5. Regardless how busy of a day we’ve had, we always find time to sit next to each other, and watch the latest WWE Network special.

It is a very heartwarming experience, and it brings a smile to my face. As a result, the conversations have upgraded from “what is that move called?” to “let me tell you why I think strong style is better.” Even better, “I enjoyed today’s podcast dad, but here are a few pointers.” At such a young age, they think they know more than me now (I’m still the Wise Old Owl of Wrestling after all.) My 5-year-old still thinks John Cena is the best. This proves kids never lie, right?

In the world of wrestling, the results are predetermined, and at times, the friendships are scripted. But in the world of parenthood, where I’ve managed to be become my children’s larger-than-life hero (and they’ve become my “world champions.”) I have no doubt our relationships are strong and real, and that the outcome will always be a win. From the beginning of our lives together, we were bonded by steel ropes and turnbuckles.

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