NFC South Edition Buy Keep & Trade

NFC South Edition Buy Keep & Trade

Tyler Louder and Jason Teasley provide NFC South Edition Buy Keep & Trade discussion!

Welcome back for season 3 here at 2nd and Short! To start off the new podcast season we are going over each division in the NFL and breaking down a player you should buy, sell, and keep from each franchise, next up the NFC South!

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Discussing NFC South Edition Buy Keep & Trade

About The Cheap Seats on 2nd and Short

The 2nd and short Podcast is what happens when fantasy football league-mates decide to record their weekly conversations. Host Tyler Louder brings you all the analytics, as Jason Teasley provides the hot takes in this venture to cover all corners of the fantasy football world. Whether it’s redraft, dynasty, or any other configuration of fantasy football, this is the show for you. It offers deep discussion, lots of humor and the keys to winning your league. The 2nd and short podcast has you covered.

Jason Teasley

Jason Teasley is 2nd and short’s fantasy guru. Jason started his podcast career on the Radulich in Broadcasting Network where he hosted a weekly sports show, From the Cheap Seats. He then became a panelist for the W2M Network. Now he has flown the nest and landed on the 2ND and short podcast with host Tyler Louder. Jason is know for delivering his unique brand of witty insights and hot takes.

Tyler Louder

Tyler Louder is the host and founder of the 2nd and Short Podcast. He also started the the @LWCPodcast. Tyler is usually freezing to death in the upper Midwest. But the frosty weather brings out his humor and insight on every show he is on. Tyler is passionate about football and podcasts. He wants to not only entertain, but provide insight like no other host you’ve ever encountered.

About Radulich in Broadcasting’s Beginnings

Mark Radulich has been an internet personality since 2004 with his Progressive Conservatism blog. He then took that blog to the airwaves and created a podcast for it. It then changed to PC Live. After that, he brought out the 411mania Ground and Pound Radio as well.

Also, Mark would partner up with another 411mania alum, Sean Comer, to create the movie franchise review podcast Long Road to Ruin and then Robert Cooper to create the metal album review podcast, The Metal Hammer of Doom. Robert Winfree took over the MMA show and then added his own podcast, Everybody Loves a Bad Guy. That’s when the Radulich in Broadcasting Network was born. Joining Winfree in having their own podcasts were super fan’s Jesse Starcher (Source Material). Finally, Winfree and Radulich added a weekly movie review show to the ever-growing lists of podcasts on the Network.

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