Nick De Cesare (LS) Returns…

Nick De Cesare ("LS") Is the New Head Coach at Cloud9

A special treat in store ahead of tomorrow’s championship series. For those who couldn’t guess, Dr. Manhattan is a bit of a newb when it comes to League of Legends. Luckily, Brian is here to show him (and any other beginners) the ropes as far as how to play and what the game is all about.

You thought last week was filled with big news? Well, not only is there a bunch of drama going on in the LCK and EU offseason, but there were a couple teams that made some HUGE moves. Team Liquid got two big names with Bwipo and Hans, and Cloud9 got an even bigger name by landing LS as their new head coach.

After all this, one big question: Who’s more stacked?

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The Preseason Plot Thickens as LS (Nick De Cesare) Returns…

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Erik Watkins

Erik, disguised as the great Dr. Manhattan, is admittedly a newb when it comes to League of Legends. Yes, he’s known about it for quite some time, but lately his interest has piqued after Worlds 2021. He’s committed to learning as he goes, and behind the scenes, Bryan is getting him to consider delving in himself. Until then, he may have a new retirement plan up his sleeve.

Bryan Espinoza

Bryan Espinoza is better known by his gamer tag “andesian”. He’s a Gold 4 peak League of Legends player who’s analysis and commentary have been featured in previous Worlds broadcasts, and is an ADC main. His favorite champion is Caitlyn, and his first champion was Varus. He also does reporting and producing for DragonConTV, a fan-convention-based broadcasting channel/news service. Bryan has a background in Television Production and has been playing League of Legends since Season 3.

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