NJPW World Tag League 2017 Results and Predictions

* This article is being updated after every event with the results. It’s currently updated to after Night #19 12/11/17. * If you want specific wins and losses, scroll down to each team of wrestlers.

Overall Winners: EVIL & SANADA

Block A Standings

EVIL & SANADA: 10 Points = Block A Winner

Page & Yujiro: 8 Points
Goto & YOSHI-HASHI: 8 Points
Juice & Callahan: 8 Points

Suzuki & Iizuka: 6 Points
Fale & Owens: 6 Points
Tenzan & Kojima: 6 Points

Nagata & Nakanishi: 4 Points

Block B Standings

Tonga & Loa: 10 Points = Block B Winner (Holds Tiebreaker on War Machine & K.E.S.)

Rowe & Hanson: 10 Points
Archer & Smith: 10 Points

Beretta & Chuckie T: 8 points
Cobb & Elgin: 8 Points
Ishii & Yano: 8 Points

Makabe & Henare: 2 Points

Finlay & Kitamura: 0 Points

NJPW World Tag League 2017 Results and Predictions

A Block

Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens (Bullet Club)

World Tag League 2017

Current Point Total: 6

Wins Over: Tenzan & Kojima (Night 3), Page & Takahashi (Night 5), Juice & Callahan (Night 13).

Losses To: EVIL & Sanada (Night 7), Suzuki & Iizuka (Night 9), Goto & YOSHI-HASHI (Night 11), Nagata & Nakanishi (Night 17)

After scoring a grand total of zero points last year with Bone Soldier, Bad Luck Fale finds himself in new company with Chase Owens. Chase, a former Junior, now finds himself fighting with the heavyweights. Let’s face it, he’s walking around with the biggest dude on the roster. This one is a rough choice. Chase Owens is far from the joke that Bone Soldier was last year, but Owens is the fall guy here no doubt about it. Add on to the fact that New Japan likes to keep Bad Luck Fale looking as bad ass as possible, and therein lies the quandary. Just how many points these dudes are gonna get together.

I don’t know how many matches I’m necessarily looking forward to from this pairing. I don’t really have strong feelings one way or the other about either of them as well. But any interactions between stables always proves fun. So, keep an eye on when these guys clash with Page and Yujiro. I’d also keep a circle around the day these lads fight Juice and Sami too. Just for the interaction between Fale and Sami.

Now the hard part. I’ll give these guys six points, just because of Fale. I see the A Block finding itself in a huge tie underneath the winner of the block, whomever that turns out to be. – Paul Leazar

Block Point Prediction: 6 Points

EVIL & SANADA (Los Ingobernables de Japon)

World Tag League 2017


Wins Over: Fale & Owens (Night 7), Page & Takahashi (Night 9), Nagata & Nakanishi (Night 11), Tenzan & Kojima (Night 13), Goto & YOSHI-HASHI (Night 17) G.O.D. (Night 19)

Losses to: Juice Robinson & Sami Callahan (Night 1), Suzuki-gun (Night 5)

The L.I.J Generals are back in the World Tag League. While they try and take the trophy for the faction. In the 2016 World Tag League, they had a very strong showing. They actually tied with the eventual winners Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma (GBH). Sadly, L.I.J failed to advance to the finals due to GBH holding a block win over them.  2017 has been a mixed bag year for EVIL and SANADA. EVIL had a spectacular run during the G1 Climax 27.

He even gave Kazuchika Okada his first loss in over a year. SANADA on the other hand, hasn’t really done much. He’s had fine matches and is ⅓ owner of the NEVER Openweight 6-Man Tag Team Champions with EVIL and BUSHI.  Let’s be honest though, the 6-man belts are probably the least important championship in NJPW. However, SANADA barely ever puts on a bad performance.

I expect 2017 G1 Tag League ends the same way 2016 ended for them. Where they get close to making the finals, but just miss out. It doesn’t make sense to have these guys win the tournament. Don’t get me wrong, It’d be nice if they make major moves and with the Tag League. However, since they are already holding championship gold, I don’t see it happening. – Angel Gonzalez

Block Point Prediction: 8 Points

Hangman Page & Yujiro Takahashi (Bullet Club)

Final Point Total: 8

Wins Over: Nagata & Nakanishi (Night 3), Goto & YOSHI-HASHI (Night 7), Tencozy (Night 11), Suzuki-gun (Night 15)

Losses to: Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens (Night 5), LIJ (Night 9), Juice & Callihan (Night 17)

This pairing should be a bit more interesting then last year. Jokes now abound about just how “hung” the Hangman Page is. Not to mention, he’s paired with a pimp. Bring on the jokes!

Last year, these guys finished with eight points along with a ton of other teams. I see the same thing happening this year, but with the log jam happening around the six point mark. The added benefit for me, is that I love Hangman Page’s work. He makes a dull Yujiro Takahashi somewhat watchable. That being said, these guys against the L.I.J contingent could be a blast, and as I said with Fale & Owens, inter-stable matches are always fun.

Just don’t expect the moon from these two. Yujiro’s laziness could have it’s own star on the walk of fame in LA, with how famous that’s become. Hangman Page is the money here, and he should keep you entertained throughout the tournament. – Paul Leazar

Block Point Prediction: 6 Points

Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI (CHAOS)

Final Point Total: 8

Wins Over: Minoru Suzuki & Iizuka (Night 1), Tencozy (Night 9), FALE & Owens (Night 11), Nagata & Nakanishi (Night 15)

Losses to: Juice & Callihan (Night 5), Page & Takahashi (Night 7), LIJ (Night 17)

Here’s an interesting team. With the big stars of Wrestle Kingdom 12 getting the tournament off, this has sent a lot of the units searching for new partners. None more so than YOSHI-HASHI, who has spent several of the past tournaments playing “younger brother” to Kazuchika Okada. It’s brought varying degrees of success, (but never winning of course). However, Hirooki Goto has been tossed around a bit. Last year, he formed the super team with Tomohiro Ishii, and in years past with the much missed Katsuyori Shibata. Since both are left partner-less (Toru Yano has reteamed with Ishii since they’ve won the tag titles in the past.) These two are now going to take a run at it together.

They find themselves in the A Block, which isn’t nearly as strong as the opposing block of teams. I think they stand a large chance of success. Goto always finds himself treated well in tournaments. Especially since he’s pretty far up the card, and paired with somebody who has been getting pushed pretty hard this year. Goto & YOSHI-HASHI are my pick to win the entire A Block, despite the pairing of EVIL and SANADA looking more attractive to a lot of other folks. Looking forward to them facing Juice/Sami and Suzuki/Izuka, which could have some implications about who gets a future shot at the NEVER Openweight Title come Wrestle Kingdom 12. I see them coming away with twelve points. – Paul Leazar

Block Point Prediction: 12 Points

Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima (TenCozy)

Final Point Total: 6

Wins over: Nagata & Nakanishi (Night 5), Juice & Callihan (Night 7), Suzuki-gun (Night 17 via DQ)

Losses to: Fale & Owens (Night 3), Goto & YOSHI-HASHI (Night 9), Page & Takahashi (Night 11), SANADA & EVIL (Night 13).

Tencozy always tend to run middle of the pack in these things. Last year, they finished with eight points, and the year before they finished with four points. Basically, these guys are the legendary tag team here. They’ve held the IWGP Tag Team Titles the most out of any team in the company’s history. Not to mention, their insane amount of singles success as well.

Tencozy have a few advantages working for them this go around. They are in the weaker A Block, and stand to finish near the top due to that fact in my view. Nobody in the entire tournament has as much experience working together. While Block A is filled with haphazardly put together teams, even from the various stables.

If you’re looking for great matches, I’m looking forward to their encounter with the L.I.J contingent of SANADA & EVIL, which should be fun. Juice & Sami should be another memorable encounter, just because how the heck is that team going to work? At any rate, The legends that are Tencozy are probably walking away with eight points again. They’ll be well-treated throughout the tournament, but this just isn’t their year. – Paul Leazar

Block Point Prediction: 8 Points

Juice Robinson & Sami Callihan

Final Point Total: 8

Wins over: EVIL & SANADA (Night 1), Goto & YOSHI-HASHI (Night 5), Nagata & Nakanishi (Night 9), Page & Takahashi (Night 17)

Losses to: Tencozy (Night 7), Suzuki-gun (Night 11), Fale & Owens (Night 13).

In maybe the biggest “how the heck did this happen” pairing in World Tag League history, Juice Robinson finds himself paired up with the debuting Sami Callihan. Juice has spent last year teaming up with the former ace, Hiroshi Tanahashi, to the tune of six points. What difference a year makes though, as Juice has found as a title challenger for all the heavyweight singles championships barring the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, and has looked like a stud in every single one of those matches. Couple that with a stand out performance in this year’s G1 Tournament, and you’ve got yourself a challenger to basically anything that has some terrific credibility to steal victories at will.

Now, add on the fact that New Japan usually likes to make debut gajins look pretty strong, and you have yourself a strong case for a top finisher in a block. I know a lot of other people have these guys tipped to win the block here, and that could happen. A Block is weaker then B Block by a mile. However, I just don’t see it. I see them coming close, and racking up some big wins, but falling just short at the finish line. I’d tip them to get eight points in the block, falling just short of the usually block winning ten.

As for matches to look forward too, I’d say all of them. That might be a cop out answer, but all eyes are on Sami to see whether he sinks or swims in New Japan (several folks including myself wonder if his style truly fits the promotion). Couple with the loveable Juice Robinson, and the interactions between these two make their matches across the entire block a can’t miss affair. – Paul Leazar

Block Point Prediction: 8 Points

Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi (Third Generation)

Final Point Total: 4

Wins Over: Suzuki & Iizuka (Night 7), Fale & Owens (Night 17)

Losses to: Page & Yujiro (Night 3), Tencozy (Night 5), Juice & Callihan (Night 9), LIJ (Night 11), Goto & YOSHI-HASHI (Night 15)

The Third Generation lads get another go at this together, after splitting up last year. Yuji Nagata teamed up with Shibata. While Manabu Nakanishi took Henare under his wing. However, these guys have teamed up for the tournament before on several occasions. They also usually finish near the bottom in more recent years. Their time is long past, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have something to give. I still love watching Nagata perform, and my problems with just how slow Nakanishi has gotten aside, he can still be entertaining when he wants to be.

Fortunately for them, A Block is by far the weaker block. And these guys could end up reversing their fortunes. However, I have them acting as the fall guys for most of the tournament. They might manage a few wins here or there. But at most, I have them finishing with four points.

Watch out for their match with Tencozy, and Nagata getting to work with Fale again after this year’s G1 should prove interesting. I don’t have a ton of hope for great matches or interactions after that. – Paul Leazar

Block Point Predictions: 4 Points

Minoru Suzuki & Takashi Iizuka (Suzuki-Gun)

Final Point Total: 6

Wins over: LIJ (Night 5), Fale & Owens (Night 9), Juice & Callihan (Night 11)

Losses to: Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI (Night 1), Nagata & Nakanishi (Night 7), Page & Takahashi (Night 15), Tencozy (Night 17 via DQ)

2017 marks the first year Minoru Suzuki, and the rest of the members of Suzuki-gun, return to the World Tag League in three years.  While Suzuki is a welcome addition to any roster. He’s a wrestler that excites me when he is truly motivated. However, the same can not be said for his partner.  Unfortunately, Suzuki is saddled for the second appearance straight in the Tag League with Takashi Iizuka, who has sadly seen better days in terms of wrestling acumen.

I feel this drags the enjoyability of their matches down to the depths of the proverbial basement. It’s safe to say these two do offer a really nice break for the other wrestlers, as Suzuki wrestles a very mat based style, and Iizuka largely relies on punches and heel tactics to get the job done. Thus, making everything less strenuous.

Much like most of Suzuki’s more recent appearances in the Tag League, I think these two land largely in the middle of the pack. With about six points to their names.  I largely see the Tag League as an opportunity for Minoru to pick up a new challenger for his NEVER Openweight Title. He has a few options, with Juice Robinson or Hirooki Goto for his Wrestle Kingdom 12 opponent. – Robert Cooper

Block Point Predictions: 6 Points

B Block

Best Friends (Chuckie T & Berreta)

Final Point Total: 8

Wins Over: Guerrilas of Destiny (Dudebuster on Tonga Loa, Night 2), Henare & Makabe (Night 8), Elgin & Cobb (Night 10), Finlay & Kitamura (Night 14)

Losses To: War Machine (Night 6), Ishii & Yano (Night 12), K.E.S. (Night 18)

This tag team comes as bit of a surprise. I expected Berreta to be a part of the tournament. However, I expected him to team with another member of CHAOS. Perhaps Gedo, or even Jado, but they had other plans.

In comes Mr. Chuckie T. (aka Chuck Taylor), who I have only seen in clips, but never followed enough to know more than I really love his finisher.  He is now an official member of CHAOS. Now I wonder, is this a permanent tag team partner?  or a temporary one. A good showing in the tourney can certainly help. But CHAOS does have a lot of regulars.

I think these two are in for a few surprise wins in the tournament.  This can only help build Berreta slowly towards being somewhat of a legitimate threat in New Japan come next year. Similar to how Juice was built the year before.  I do largely see them as mere fall guys for the loaded B Block.

With Killer Elite Squad, Guerrilas of Destiny, and War Machine all in this block, it’s safe to say that they won’t get much further than perhaps a solid six points. They could surprise us all and pick up a big win somewhere along the way, but I expect less. – Robert Cooper

Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Lance Archer (Killer Elite Squad, Suzuki-Gun)

Final Point Total: 10

Wins Over: Finlay & Kitamura (Killer Bomb on Kitamura, Night 4), Cobb & Elgin (Night 6), Ishii & Yano (Night 8), Makabe & Henare (Night 16), Chuckie T & Beretta (Night 18)

Losses to: War Machine (Night 10), Guerrillas of Destiny (Night 12)

David Finlay (Taguchi Japan) & Katsuya Kitamura

Final Point Total: 0

Losses to: Killer Elite Squad (Night 4), Ishii & Yano (Night 6), Elgin & Cobb (Night 8), GOD (Night 10), Best Friends (Night 12), War Machine (Night 16), Makabe & Henare (Night 18)

Raymond Rowe and Hanson (War Machine, ROH)

Final Point Total: 10

Wins Over: Henare & Makabe (Fallout on Henare, Night 4), Best Friends (Night 6), KES (Night 10), Finlay & Kitamura (Night 16), Elgin & Cobb (Night 18)

Losses to: GOD (Night 8), Yano & Ishii (Night 12)

Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa (Guerrilas of Destiny, Bullet Club)

Final Point Total: 10 (LOST IN FINAL, BLOCK B WINNERS)

Wins Over: Makabe & Henare (Night 6), War Machine (Night 8), Finlay & Kitamura (Night 10), KES (Night 12), Yano & Ishii (Night 18)

Losses to: Berreta & Chuckie T (Night 2), Cobb & Elgin (Night 14) EVIL & SANADA (Night 19)

Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano (CHAOS)

Final Point Total: 8

Wins Over: Finlay & Kitamura (Night 6), Makabe & Henare (Night 10), War Machine (Night 12), Best Friends (Night 14)

Losses to: Elgin & Cobb (Night 2), KES (Night 8), G.O.D. (Night 18)

Henare & Togi Makabe

Final Point Total: 2

Wins Over: Finlay & Kitamura (Night 18)

Losses to: War Machine (Night 4), GOD (Night 6), Best Friends (Night 8), Ishii & Yano (Night 10), Elgin & Cobb (Night 12), KES (Night 16)

Boy, I have so many feelings about this team. First, we know that with Honma out, Makabe needed himself a new partner. This is why he finds himself paired up with Henare, a Young Lion who sadly injured his Achilles tendon earlier this year. Henare did compete in this tournament last year with Manabu Nakanishi, leading a scoreless campaign. Makabe has won this tournament two years in a row with Honma, and looks to create success with the young Henare.

Sadly, they find themselves in the ultra stacked Block B. There are so many great teams in this block, and these guys are sadly here to take falls. However, this does not mean you should sleep on their matches. Henare was showing a ton of promise coming out of the Tag League last year, and into this year, before the injury. He’s certainly one to watch. Makabe is hit or miss for me in recent years, but he really shines in tag matches. I’m interested to see how well he plays with Henare.

Honestly, there is not a bad match to be had in Block B. Everybody against everybody just sounds wonderful. If you’re looking for specific matches to look forward to here. These lads against David Finlay & Kitamura should be very interesting. I think Henare & Kitamura could be a great tag team in the future (although it looks like him Oka are gonna be BFF’s going forward). The interplay between these teams could be awesome. And might be either team’s lone chance for a win. Their matches with War Machine and Cobb & Elgin should prove to be some wonderful hoss battles as well. I think these guys finish with a big two points (they’ll get that win against Finlay & Kitamura I think), but they should be a fun team to follow. – Paul Leazar

Block Point Prediction: 2 Points

Jeff Cobb & Michael Elgin

Final Point Total: 8

Wins Over: Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano (Elgin Bomb on Ishii, Night 2), Finlay & Kitamura (Night 8), Henare & Makabe (Night 12), GOD (Night 14)

Losses To: War Machine (Night 6), Best Friends (Night 10), War Machine (Night 18)

One of the fun aspects of the G1 Tag League tournament is the fact that we get some random but fun pairings. Case in point Michael Elgin and the debuting Jeff Cobb (or as many know him as Matanza in Lucha Underground). These two have encountered each other at opposing side of the ring in Pro Wrestling Guerilla (PWG). Earlier this year at Only Kings Understand Each Other, Elgin and his partner Brian Cage (The Unbreakable F’in Machines) had a barn burner vs Jeff Cobb and his bro (pun intended) Matt Riddle (The Chosen Bros).

The original plan was to have The Chosen Bros fight in the tournament but NJPW management did not feel comfortable bringing in Riddle due to his long history with Marijuana. I will admit I am disappointed but pairing Cobb with Elgin makes for a very interesting pairing.

On one hand you have Elgin, whose offense revolves around a blistering array of strikes mixed in with power moves. Cobb on the other hand is Taz reincarnated; just the modern day suplex machine. His vast amount of suplexes are beautifully executed. I cannot wait to see the NJPW’s audience reaction to Cobb. There really is no one like him on the roster.

NJPW really stacked the tables against Cobb and Elgin. I don’t get why they would War Machine, Guerillas of Destiny, and Killer Elite Squad all in Block B. These three teams have been the last three IWGP Heavyweight champions. My hope is these three team just kill each other thus allowing Cobb and Elgin to waltz their asses into the finals. Plus I expect to see big things out of Elgin. He has been on a holding pattern for almost the whole year. He is too good to just be another guy in NJPW. Pairing with Cobb is best for business. -Angel Gonzalez

Overall Block Predictions (EVERYONE WAS WRONG!)

Angel Gonzalez

BLOCK A Winner: Yoshi Hashi and Goto

BLOCK B Winner: Elgin/Cobb

Overall Winner: Elgin/Cobb

Robert Cooper


BLOCK B Winner: Elgin/Cobb

Overall Winner: Elgin/Cobb

Paul Leazar


BLOCK B Winner: War Machine

Overall Winner: War Machine

Sean Garmer


Block B Winner: War Machine

Overall Winner: Goto & YOSHI-HASHI

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