Review of That’s Our Time and Interview with Alex Backes

Review of That's Our Time and Interview with Alex Backes

Chris Owen and Neil Blackwood present their Review of That’s Our Time and Interview with Alex Backes!!

And yet, another Panic Fest episode! On this episode Neil and Chris give their review on the short film That’s Our Time! Then, after that, they air their interview with the director of the short- Alex Backes! He was a great guest and we loved talking to him! www.alexdoesstuff.com www.panicfilmfest.com

Alex has been a working creative in Los Angeles for the past 16 years. From his early days of performing improvisation in underground theaters and comedy staples like Upright Citizens Brigade and The Second City, Alex applies the core philosophies of his time on stage into his work as an award-winning writer/director. His first independently produced pilot presentation, Shark Bites, landed a development deal with The Walt Disney Company, where it was adapted to an animated comedy series.

His latest work, That’s Our Time, started its festival run in 2023, kicking things off with an acceptance to the Oscar-qualifying Cinequest and the BIFA-qualifying MANIFF. He is writing a feature based on the short to direct later this year.

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Review of That’s Our Time and Interview with Alex Backes!

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