Total Divas Season 6 Episode 7 Review: A Win Wine Situation

A Win Wine Situation

Total Divas Season 6 Episode 7 Review: A Win Wine Situation

Previously on Total Divas

We begin with Renee Young questioning Natalya about the brand extension. So that tells you where we’re at on the show. Why is Renee asking Nattie, though? They smarten up and ask Big Johnny. He blows them off.

Nikki Bella and Brie Bella work out at the hotel gym. Nikki has a great idea. I bet it’s to go drinking. AND IT IS! She wants to go to Napa Valley to chill and do wine tasting. ISN’T THAT WHAT THEY DO ALL THE TIME?!?! Brie agrees, but says they can’t talk about work. Spoiler: Nikki will want to talk about work. Brie will get upset. It will all be fine in the end.

Quick scene with Nattie, who is happy with where her career is at. That’s the scene.

Nikki and John Cena go out to dinner. They discuss their careers. Plus, making time for sex.

A Win Wine Situation
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Backstage, Nattie tells Paige that she’s turning tonight. She’s nervous about turning and then explains, “in WWE, there are good guys and bad guys.” Then, there are THE guys. We get highlights of the Money In The Bank match featuring Nattie turning on Becky Lynch. Renee, Lana, and Paige react backstage. “Everyone is cheering,” says Paige. “That is not supposed to happen,” says Nattie.

Wait, we got Money In The Bank highlights but nothing on Dean Ambrose winning the title and Renee reacting?

Nikki and Brie are headed to Napa. Nikki decides that they should be winemakers. Fashion designer, real estate agent, wrestler, and now winemaker. Nikki wears many hats. All of them they say Fearless on them too.

Renee alerts Nattie about people trashing her on social media for turning. Nattie is worried that she’s going to lose a bunch of followers because of this. GOOD! YOU’RE A HEEL! This is also why John Cena will never turn. Gotta protect that follower count.

Paige wrestles, takes a double suplex from Charlotte Flair and Dana Brooke, and gets hurt. She sees the doctor. End of scene.

Highlights of Nattie attacking Becky the next night on RAW. Nattie is concerned that no one is booing her. She’s worried about getting fired because no one is reacting to her. Don’t worry, Nattie, the Cruiserweights got their own show despite getting no reaction.

Paige and Eva head to a snake farm. Paige takes her there because she knows Eva hates snakes. They play with snakes. Nothing really happens.

Nattie decides that she wants to change her hair black in order to really highlight the heel turn. Well, I guess she can’t grow a beard. So changing her hair color is the next best option. She’s not feeling the black hair, but it does lead to other people trying on the wig.

Nikki and Brie are still in Napa. And still drinking a bunch of wine. Nikki informs Brie about wanting to be a winemaker. Brie is like, “you’re trying to keep up with John” and she has a really good point.

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Eva Marie and Paige hit the town. Paige sends a video to Alberto Del Rio’s kids. Remember last season when she was afraid of getting married? Now she’s a stepmom. She shows Eva her “Alberto” tattoo under her boob. I love this relationship so much. Can they have their own spinoff? Paige and Del Rio. Not Paige and Eva.

Nikki and Brie meet with some winemakers. They set up a time to make wine. I don’t care about any of this.

Paige complains to Eva about her neck. Then she says, “don’t tell anyone about it.” One million dollars says Eva tells someone. They pick up a foam neck brace from a drug store and then are confused as to how it works.

Nattie talks to Mark Carrano about her turn. Nattie wants to attach herself to Eva, because Eva gets heel heat that Nattie can only dream about. This, honestly, isn’t a bad idea. They could have done tag matches, and Eva could have maybe improved or at least been hidden in the ring. Carrano immediately shoots this down because he thinks Nattie is trying to ride Eva’s coattails.

“She’s the most hated star we have, male or female.” Roman Reigns disagrees. Carrano tears Nattie a new one for having the audacity to try and take Eva’s heat. Is he sleeping with her? He’s always very defensive and protective of her.

Nikki and Brie go to work on the wine farm. Again, Don’t care.

Nattie attacks Becky again. SHE GETS BOO’D! And she’s so excited. Alright, then.

Nikki is proud that she survived day one of Wine 101. Brie brings up, “you’re tying to hang with John and stay as busy as him.” Nikki then drops the bomb. “I’m going to be more successful than him.” OOOOOHHHHH SNAP! They bicker, Nikki walks away, seen it all before.

Brie calls Bryan and is like, “She literally said she’s going to be more successful than John” and Bryan says, verbatim, “Ok.” I love this man. He tells Brie that she should support her sister, even if she doesn’t want to do these things. Bryan tells her to apologize. Brie sees the light. These are two rational humans.

Carrano asks Paige about her neck. Paige tries to play dumb. Carrano is having none of that. Didn’t Paige visit the doctor after the match? Wouldn’t they have known that her neck wasn’t in good shape?

Instead, Paige is going to blame Eva. She goes off on Eva after talking to Carrano. Nattie, who is sitting right there, is like, “We all know about your neck. It’s not a secret.” Paige continues to flip out before storming off. SPIN OFF WITH THIS GIRL AND ALBERTO PLEASE!

Brie apologizes to Nikki. Everything is well. We all saw this coming a mile away. That’s how this one ends.

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