Where Should Ricardo Pepi Play Next?

Where Should Ricardo Pepi Play Next?
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Where Should Ricardo Pepi Play Next? Europe Looks to Block Biennial World Cup, More

Ricardo Pepi looks to possibly have a move to VFL Wolfsburg possibly done soon, but with interest from Ajax, Genoa, and other clubs there’s plenty of opportunities for him to go learn and ply his trade. However, with the 2022 World Cup looming playing time is also of the utmost importance. So Sean Garmer and Erik Watkins discuss who could be the best fit for the USA’s star striker, if making a move soon is the best decision, or if perhaps staying in MLS for another year may be a better option.

They get into the latest with what’s been happening in the NWSL, Europe and South America looking at blocking the proposed Biennial World Cup, and if Arsene Wenger’s one-month international break is a good idea or not.

Plus, Supporters Club, the Manchester United Moment, Hernan Dario Gomez becoming the new coach of Honduras, and more!

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Where Should Ricardo Pepi Play Next?

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About Soccer 2 The MAX

A Podcast about the world’s game from an American perspective. Each episode includes headlines, topics, and discussions that can be about anything that happened that week in Soccer, Futbol, or Football. And there are also thoughts on the team’s Sean Garmer, Erik Watkins, and Rachael Kriger each support, games they watched that week, and more. There will also be special editions focusing on the United States Men’s and Women’s National Teams, and other European or American league matches from time to time as well.

Sean Garmer

Being born into a Latino family, Sean grew up around the game of Futbol. No matter what you deem to call it, Mr. Garmer enjoys the sport. Sean played Defender growing up and then transitioned to Goal Keeper in High School. Due to the University of North Texas not having a Men’s Soccer team at the time, his playing career ended in 2005.

However, since then, he’s kept up with Soccer by watching his favorite teams and leagues, while also writing as well. Sean was paid to cover the 2010 World Cup, formerly hosted the Football 2 Futbol Podcast, and also wrote about the beautiful game for several other outlets. He mainly follows Major League Soccer supporting his childhood team in FC Dallas. Sean’s also a Manchester United Supporter after visiting England in 2003 and picking the Red Devils.

Erik Watkins

While he was never really the best on the field, Erik’s always had a deep-rooted passion for the beautiful game. From discovering it in Maryland thanks to DC United to cheering on Manchester United since the days of Ruud van Nistelrooy. Not to mention, considering donning purple hair to cheer Orlando City SC today. From MLS to USL and NASL (Viva Armada!) to even dreaming of training and playing in the MASL, if it’s soccer, he’s usually on it.

Rachael Kriger

Rachael Kriger is a men’s and women’s soccer journalist for Equalizer Soccer, Last Word on Soccer, and is the Communication Director for the N.A. Soccer Reporters. She currently lives in Ocala, Florida, where she is the youth minister at Blessed Trinity Parish. However, her heart will always stay true and loyal to her beloved home of Pittsburgh, Pa., and her birth city of Moscow, Russia. Follow her on Twitter, @RachaelKriger.

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