Robert Rath

Robert “King RATHSQAUTCH” Rath is a weather forecaster in United States Air Force, where he has served for 15 years. Although his day job relies on serving our country, in his off time, he is a passionate wrestling and football fan.The RATHSQUATCH may sound like a beastly creature of your nightmares, but in reality, Robert “The RATHSQUATCH” Rath is a writer, thinker, nerd, and wrestling expert all wrapped in one. Robert’s wrestling fandom began back in 1988 when he first saw Demolition on TV, but his true obsession with wrestling started in 1992 when he watched Randy Savage get bite on the arm from a king cobra at the hands of Jake “The Snake” Roberts. From that moment, Robert couldn’t turn away. In addition to wrestling, Robert is a huge fan of Michigan Wolverines football and NFL football in general. Robert also has a passion for sports gaming, role-playing games, and strategy board games. Robert is the moderator of a wrestling podcast called “Jobber’s Court” with two of his friends through the W2M Network. When’s he’s not watching, talking, or playing wrestling games, Robert spends time with his wife and two children.

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