Backlog Busting Project: Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Epic Mickey, God of War 1

On this episode of the Backlog Busting Project, Wes Harrington and Randy Isbelle go through some highs and lows on this one for sure.

First, they both played the Square-Enix joint, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The guys talk about their frustrations with the game, why it’s confusing, and any thoughts on the Deus Ex franchise as a whole too.

Randy talks the underrated multi-platform game Epic Mickey. Is it perhaps the best game ever made featuring the mouse eared character? What makes it special? And does it give people nostalgia for some old cartoons?

Wes talks the Playstation 2 classic, God of War 1. The game that started a long running series, which is getting a new game soon. Does Kratos tale still hold up? Is it some of the best gameplay out there? Or does it falter under the massive weight of the boss fights?

Backlog Busting Project: Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Epic Mickey, God of War 1

About Backlog Busting Project

This podcast, run by Wes Harrington and Randy Isbelle chronicles their ongoing battle against the forces of Bak’laag — or to put it in laymen’s terms, their video game backlogs.

So what exactly is the Backlog Busting Project? Biweekly, Wes and Randy get together talk about some of the latest things in the gaming community, then dive right in to talking about their experiences with three different games:

1. A game that Wes is playing but Randy is not
2. A game that Randy is playing but Wes is not
3. A game that both are playing.

It is a new adventure on each episode, so be sure to check out the description to see if they cover your favorite game.

Randy Isbelle

Randy Isbelle is a fan of platformers and sports games mostly, but enjoys games from almost every genre. He’s also a life long New York Jets fan as well. Randy has a history of writing reviews for various websites, and has a collection of over 2,000 video games. The dude knows his stuff. When he’s not writing or playing games, he’s spending time with his girlfriend and two children.

Wes Harrington

Wes Harrington is a lifelong geek with a penchant for RPGs and a burning hatred for Hotline Miami. He’s also a lifelong Seattle sports fan, and has been since before the Seahawks were anything more than mediocre. Wes does Video Game Reviews and hosts the Backlog Busting Project for

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