Chapter Select: Gone Home

Gone Home

After years of studying abroad, prodigal daughter Kaitlin returns to her familial abode, or Gone Home, you could say to The House on Arbor Hill, only to find it mysteriously deserted. She feels a pit form in her stomach and sinks to its deepest depths. What tragedy befell the household she so cruelly abandoned? Who hid the bodies? And is she truly alone or is she haunted by the specter of her abusive grand uncle Oscar?

“Aha,” Jens Dietrich exclaimed. “Another clue!”
“It’s about music again, isn’t it?”, Randy Isbelle replied with weary resignation.
“Tangentially yes, my dear Randy”, Jens extemporized excitedly. “You see, when Bandcamp abbreviates the Gone Home Original Soundtrack, it spells G.H.O.S.T. – that can’t be a coincidence.” Or is it? Listen if you dare!!!

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Discussing The Brilliant Narrative Game Gone Home

About Chapter Select

Every two weeks, Jens Dietrich and Randy Isbelle get together and discuss a video game that they are both playing. Think of it as a book club for video games. The two will break down the game in every aspect, from gameplay to story, side characters to bosses, music to the atmosphere, and more.

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Randy Isbelle

Randy Isbelle is a fan of platformers and sports games mostly but enjoys games from almost every genre. He’s also a lifelong New York Jets fan as well. Randy has a history of writing reviews for various websites and has a collection of over 2,000 video games. The dude knows his stuff. When he’s not writing or playing games, he’s spending time with his two children.

Jens Dietrich

Jens is co-host and editor of the podcast Chapter Select and an occasional contributor to Video Games 2 the MAX. While he grew up on 90s PC adventure games and flight simulators, nowadays his preferences have shifted towards Soulslikes, JRPGs, and weird kusoge.

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