Detroit Become Human Review

Androids take center stage in the latest David Cage game, Detroit: Become Human. Since the release of Nier: Automata many developers are exploring the Uncanny Valley phenomenon in their games. Detroit: Become Human comes full force to enrapture players in a phenomenal storytelling experience. It certainly will cause players to question the choices they make in a way unlike other games of this type.

Review: Detroit Become Human

Detroit Become Human

Title: Detroit: Become Human
Platform: PlayStation 4 [Reviewed]
Genre: Adventure Game
Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Players: 1
Release Date: May 25, 2018
Price: $59.99 (USD)

An Emotional Journey for Three Robots

Detroit Become Human

Detroit: Become Human uses a storytelling system that resembles Heavy Rain. The story features three androids: Connor, Kara, and Marcus. Those that played the demo should immediately recognize Connor, as the game begins with his story. Connor is an android from CyberLife, a company that recovers androids who have become deviants. Deviants are androids that have gained artificial intelligence, becoming aware of their surroundings and begin acting human. Connor’s story centers around helping out in a hostage situation between a Deviant and his caretakers.

After putting you in control, the game wastes little time forcing you into making some tough decisions. Players are tasked with finding information to help the hostage and are measured on how much information Connor can gather. It is in these moments that we get a feel for how the game pushes these characters. Even though Androids as house tools, they’re still hated by the community at large. Some consider them job-takers, which widens the gap between the rich and the poor. While others essentially view them as minority to humanity.

Much of this hatred becomes even more apparent when players meet Markus. An android for a popular artist and the leader of the resistance. The resistance is a group of Androids that developed artificial intelligence and began to fight back in hopes of peaceful relations between humans and androids.

Detroit Become Human

Then, there’s also the android Kara. A female android who becomes aware of her abusive surroundings when she saves her owner’s daughter from himself. She neither cares for CyberLife’s policies or for Markus’ goal in peaceful relations. She works to keep her charge safe from the rest of the world and tries to make her way out of Detroit.

Intense Gameplay And Dramatic Story

Detroit Become Human

One of the most impressive things about Detroit: Become Human is how raw and intense the story can get. The story truly has no boundaries. It attempts to capture players hearts and minds with its intense cut-scenes and moments. However, sometimes it can be a bit too much.

Thankfully, Detroit: Become Human gives players the power to decide on how they want to play. Hardcore gamer’s that want to grasp a full experience have the choice to participate in the timed actions. These include various moments when the androids are either running, investigating, or even talking. Those that enjoy the feeling of choice but don’t want to be pressured by the timed actions can choose to follow the more narrative side of the game instead. Regardless, both still have players taking control of characters and moving them around to investigate their environment.

If players make a decision they didn’t like, they do have a chance to try again. Similar to how the chaos theory web worked in Until Dawn, players can use a similar function to redo past events. A bracket branches from the starting point of the chapter or event, and then leads up to the choices you initially made. Players can go back to that starting point and explore the other branching choices, leading up to a more desirable ending.

Detroit Become Human

Honestly, I felt that this is more of a useful feature after players have completed the main story. The choices in Detroit: Become Human are truly endless and give players reasons to play through the stories again. Not to mention, many secrets still lie within each choice and by exploring all options, the game opens up a lot more.

Vivid Details with Familiar Faces

Detroit Become Human

One of my favorite things about the game is how impressive the graphics are. The character designs and settings follow the same motion capture Until Dawn used. Many characters look almost exactly like their voice actors. For example, Markus looks identical to his voice actor Jesse Williams. Williams is best known for his roles in Grey’s Anatomy and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

The game feels like it was properly researched and very well done. One of the issues with Heavy Rain is the disconnect that players felt in certain moments. Many times characters were on their own, asking questions or commentating hints that felt awkward and out of place. Detroit: Become Human keeps the same idea but retains the connection between characters and players. Players will feel the hints in the dialogue, and there’s never an awkward pause or moment. Even offering insight into how the newly awakened androids think and process the choices made.

Detroit Become Human

There’s also incredible detail in the small things. Magazines that normally would showcase potential all-star athletes or current events had news about androids. Players learn that androids are the entertainment for humanity. Replacing all-star basketball players with the latest capable android. While interesting reads, they do become a bit repetitive especially when players are trying to gather more information on the situation rather than the setting.


Intense narrative that leaves players connected

Amazing motion graphics, with an exact likeness to voice actors

Phenomenal detail to setting and story.

The use of choices allow players to relive certain events and try again using a branch bracket

Characters that cross the border of video games to connect with players at a personal level


Explicit moments too heart wrenching to bare

Final Thoughts

Overall Score: 10.0 Out of 10 Detroit: Become Human is an amazing game that has huge potential in becoming Game of the Year. It’s intense narrative and heart-wrenching characters are the essence of a storytelling game. There are even moments where players will feel the game edging too close to reality. It makes the feeling personal, and at some points, almost too much to bear. It’s raw, intense, and truly a great game for all players. If you are into narrative-based games, this is one game you don’t want to miss.

This game was reviewed using a retail copy purchased by the reviewer

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