Facing The Pain MMA: UFC 208 Review, Bellator 172 Preview, More

Bellator 172 Preview

On this episode, Samer Kadi talks a lot about UFC 208 while Jeremy Lambert battles through a cold, takes a bunch of NyQuil, and tries not to fall asleep. We discuss dumb refs and why every fighter should kick their opponent in the groin. Plus, a Bellator 172 Preview as well. Please listen and let me know if it was any good because I don’t remember any of it.

Facing The Pain MMA: UFC 208 Review, Bellator 172 Preview, More

About Facing the Pain

The W2M Network finally has an MMA Podcast. Thanks to Jeremy Lambert and Samer Kadi. The guys discuss all things MMA. From previews to reviews, to wacky theories, Jeremy and Samer hate-watch MMA
like no one else.

Jeremy Lambert

Jeremy Lambert covers Total Divas for W2Mnet. Now he brings his years of experience covering MMA (since 2006) to the W2M Network in the form of “Podcast on a Pole.” When he’s not podcasting, he’s probably writing about wacky sports and pop culture theories. You can check out his online archive at Words on a Pole.

Samer Kadi

Samer Kadi has been covering MMA since 2009. He hates everything about the sport except for what goes on inside the cage. He brings years of experience in fight breakdowns and technical analysis in addition to wrongly predicting the outcome of fights involving the Diaz brothers.

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