FF2M: Fantasy Football Week Two Preview

FF2M: Fantasy Football Week Two Preview
INDIANAPOLIS, IN – SEPTEMBER 11: Matthew Stafford #9 of the Detroit Lions passes against the Indianapolis Colts during the game at Lucas Oil Stadium on September 11, 2016 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Lions defeated the Colts 39-35. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

On today’s show, the guys discuss the Fantasy Football implications of the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills showdown. Randy Isbelle and Mike Mitchell also take a look at what to expect from the Sunday and Monday match-ups. Some differing opinions lead to four “You Betcha Challenges” for this weekend as well. This is all on their FF2M: Fantasy Football Week Two Preview.

FF2M: Fantasy Football Week Two Preview

About Fantasy Football 2 the MAX

The Fantasy Football 2 The MAX podcast is a show for the fantasy football fan that wants some relatable draft and in-season advice from actual successful fantasy football players. Randy Isbelle and Mike Mitchell will give you insight into their methods of success for the draft, as well as who they like and why, for each week of the fantasy season. Each positon will be discussed, and an opinion given for why they like or don’t like certain players each week. There will be a week in review, as well as an upcoming week forecast, where you can find some valuable information on who to draft before the season, as well as who to start, and who to bench once the fantasy season begins. So tune in twice a week and hear what the guys have to say about YOUR players to help make you the champion of your league. The podcast can be heard on Spreaker, I-Tunes, Stitcher, the LAST WORD RADIO I-Tunes and Stitcher, Youtube (Via W2M Network Channel), Sound Cloud, Podcastapedia and more.

Randy Isbelle

Randy Isbelle has been playing fantasy sports since 2004. He enjoys all of the wheeling and dealing it takes to work a team into championship form. He has won several championships over the past decade, and looks to win many more. Randy is the host of the Fantasy Football 2 the MAX podcast that debuted in August of 2016. Randy has been a long time New York Jets fan, dating back to when he was a young boy. He always had a fascination about New York growing up and the fandom joined along with it. He used to write NFL previews for back in 2007. Randy joined the Football 2 the MAX podcast early in 2015 and has enjoyed breaking down games and adding statistical analysis ever since.

Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell has been a sports nut since childhood. As a fan of both watching and playing sports growing up, he has channeled his competitive spirit into the world of Fantasy Football. A 16 year
“veteran” of competitive league play, he has seen and been on both ends of team prosperity. But the things he has learned over that time has made him a tough and knowledgeable competitor. As the
defending champion of his co-host’s league, the banter and arguments will heat up from time to time.


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