Foxy and Squid: Dead by Daylight, Candy Crush Game Show

Dead by Daylight

It was quite a crazy ride on the latest episode of the Foxy and Squid Show. Saki dealt with the Wraith on Dead by Daylight. While she discussed with Squid an interesting question. If you were to have intercourse with a you from an alternate dimension, would it be considered homosexual or masturbation? Saki and Squid explain the technicalities, while some deep wisdom comes from Saki’s Kitsune mind during the conversation.

And Candy Crush becomes a game show?! Saki explains why it’s Erik’s fault that Candy Crush is now a game show. All this and more on the Foxy and Squid Show.

Foxy and Squid: Dead by Daylight, Candy Crush Game Show


About Foxy and Squid

What happens when you mix the most intelligent sea creature known to man and the cleverest creature to live in legends? You get a show like never before! Meet Saki, half fox and humans with a mind of a thousand lives ! And her fabulous cohost Squid! A man as smart as the squid itself. Put them together and you have Foxy and Squiddy! Be prepared with sports, politics, pop culture you name it they got it!

Stephanie “Saki” Diaz (Foxy)

Stephanie the artist by day, Saki the Kitsune Youtuber by night, does a little bit of everything. Graphic design, artist, horror game fan, you name it, she does it. Saki loves cherry blossoms and candy corn, giving her inspiration for the crazy stuff that happens on the podcast Foxy and Squid. She owns the Youtube channel Saki Sakura so check her out there too. She is an Otaku and loves everything from Japan. Stephanie hosts Foxy and Squid and does let’s plays and reviews games at W2Mnet as well.

Erik Watkins (Squid)

When you hear the name Squid, you obviously think tentacles. But do you think of hair? Well, you will now. The man with the Epic Hair is still far reaching, be it in sports, politics, pop culture, or other proclivities and sensibilities. Nevertheless, you’ll always know when he’s around because he knows how to make an entrance (even though half of the time he doesn’t really try). You may look at him funny when you first meet him, but the cross eyes will turn to wide eyes once you get to know him for a while. He’s a different kind of smart, a different kind of college graduate, just a different kind of…everything.

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