Le’Veon Bell Released, Dak Prescott Injured, Alex Smith Returns

FLORHAM PARK, NJ – AUGUST 02: New York Jets running back Le’Veon Bell (26) during New York Jets Training Camp on August 2, 2019 at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Facility in Florham Park, NJ (Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

This week on The Kickoff: join host Harry Broadhurst, Erik Watkins, Jason Teasley (on assignment with the Hoot Owls), and Randy Isbelle as they present their unique looks at the worlds of professional and college football, mixing a blend of statistical knowledge with razor-sharp wit.

The show opens with Studs and Duds, highlighting the best and worst performances from the week. So That Happened gives way to The Newsdesk as the team discusses some major news stories in addition to their own personal selections. Le’Veon Bell is out in New York, Dak’s Sunday ends his season, the refs genuinely cost Arkansas a game and Alex Smith plays (not well but he does play). Newsdesk takes the spot from I’ve Got A Question as well as a series of Covid positives lead to postponed games, quarantined coaches, and the win requirement for bowl games being dropped this year. Finally, we once again Pour One Out For the Homers as the panel discusses their favorites teams. Both talking games played and previewing the games this weekend.

The prediction segments remain intact as well. I’m a Survivor has its first champion of the season five weeks in. Who? Tune in to hear. Are You Serious? does something for the first time in show history. A pick is made for a game that will go final before the show gets posted. Does it pay off? Time will tell… All that and so much more when you check out the episode twenty-three of season four for The Kickoff, a presentation of the W2M Network.

NFL Scorigami (numbers nerds alert) available on Twitter. Statistics used found on ESPNThe Bottom 10 by Ryan McGee is available here.

For Whom the (Le’Veon) Bell Tolls, Dak Didn’t Deserve That and Alex Smith Completes the Comeback

About The Kickoff

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to The Kickoff with Harry Broadhurst, Erik Watkins, Jayson Teasley, and Randy Isbelle. This is not your traditional football show. Rather than breaking down every single game, we give you all the must-know information and the debate. While encouraging each other to speak what we think. Whether we are right, wrong, or just plain nuts.

Harry Broadhurst

Harry Broadhurst is a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan based out of Youngstown, Ohio. In addition, he also enjoys torturing himself by watching tons of Reality TV and listening to pop music. When he’s not watching the Bills on Sunday’s, you’ll find him rooting on his beloved Florida Gators on Saturdays as well.

Jayson Teasley

Jason Teasley, the man, the myth, the legend, in his own mind. Fantasy football junkie and the residential evil ginger that brings his insights and opinions whether warranted or not.

Erik Watkins

Erik started out with watching games and staying up late for Sunday and Monday night. It spread to college, and eventually just about every single sport in the book. By the time he graduated from UNF, all his friends and family thought Erik would be better off as a sportswriter. Perhaps a journalist, or a commentator than anything to do with math (boy were they right). So, after wandering around with a degree and looking for a job, he started a blog. The blog turned into some freelance work. After that, work led him right here talking about the game that he loves.

Randy Isbelle

Randy is a New York American sports fan stuck in the Pacific Northwest. He is a former writer for a few sports websites, and he was also a co-founder of the Coast 2 Coast Sports Report podcast. He now splits his time between watching sports, playing video games, and being a father.

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