Lucha Underground Review 10.12.16

Lucha Underground Review 09.14.16

Lucha Underground S03E06 “The Open Road to Revenge” Review

Location: Boyle Heights, California inside The Temple

Lucha Underground Review 10.12.16

We open with the usual recap video, highlighting the issues between Dragon Azteca Jr, Rey Mysterio Jr, and Chavo. The saga between Famous B/Mascarita Sagrada/Dr. Wagner Jr./Son of Havoc, and Johnny Mundo’s growing desire for title matches with Dario foiling him at every turn.

Dragon Azteca Jr. is preparing for his match backstage, but Chavo jumps him from behind! He lays into him with a chair, and leaves him in a heap. Chavo passes Rey Mysterio, who then finds Dragon Azteca down. He puts two and two together, and realizes it was Chavo. He lets out the classic Kirk “KHAN!” yell, and I laugh hysterically.

Tag Team Action!

Famous B & Dr. Wagner Jr. w/ Brenda vs. Son of Havoc & Mascarita Sagrada

Winners: Famous B & Dr. Wagner Jr. via Doctor Driver on Sagrada

Havoc drives in on his bike, with a side car for Sagrada. Havoc and Sagrada take advantage with some stereo dives, and a slick assisted hurricanrana on Wagner on the outside. The crowd loves Havoc, even as he’s getting his butt kicked. Sagrada gets tagged in, but Wagner murders him with a boot before he can really get going. Mascarita works babyface in peril, but finally tags in Havoc! Havoc goes to work, and gets a near fall as Famous B breaks it up.

B tries to beg off from Havoc, but he eats a back suplex. Havoc tags in Sagrada to let him get his licks and, and he plants him with a big slam! Wagner takes out Havoc, puts Sagrada down, and tags in Famous B to let him get his first pinfall in his Lucha Underground career! Fun little match to keep the heat going on this feud. ** and ½ *

We get another video package hyping up the debut of something to do with a white rabbit.

We learn that another Dial of Doom match will take place next week, which will see Matanza defend the Lucha Underground title against whom ever comes up on the wheel. Also, Mil Muertes will take on Prince Puma in the main event next week too.

Gift of the Gods Title Match!

Sexy Star defends against Jack Evans

Winner and STILL Gift of the Gods Champion: Sexy Star via Rolling Fisherman Buster

Jack grabs the microphone, and lets Sexy Star know he’s a fair man. He’s gonna beat her up real bad tonight, and he’ll not only be known as the “Dragon Slayer”, but as the “Star Destroyer” as well! Sexy slaps the taste out of his mouth, and we get under way! Sexy gets to show off her lucha moves, and that’s really when she’s at her best. I think she’s still trying to adapt the independent wrestling style to her repertoire, but her lucha libre moves are smooth.

Jack takes advantage with a couple of shortcuts, and even mocks Sexy in Spanish. Gosh, I love Jack so much. A big rana, and a pump kick from Sexy Star earn her a near fall, but Jack goes back to the rudo move book, and takes advantage. Cartwheel/Flippy eye rake from Jack. Sexy, however, returns the favor seconds later. Gory Special into a Widow’s Peak from Sexy earns a near fall. She eats a boot and a blockbuster from Jack moments later.

PJ Black comes leaping into the ring to distract the referee, which allows Johnny Mundo to spear the hell out of Sexy. Jack covers, but Sexy kicks out at 2! Here comes Drago and Aerostar to take out the Worldwide Underground! Fenix comes out to distract the referee now! Sexy grabs a kendo stick, hits Jack low, and puts him away from there. I’m not a giant fan of the overbooked finish, nor of Sexy doing the low blow with the kendo stick. It really goes against equal the whole gender equality thing in my book. ***

We cut to Dario’s office, where Dario informs Chavo that Dragon ain’t coming back from the hospital. So he lets Chavo have his match with Pentagon Dark. Rey Mysterio comes barging in though! He lets them know he’s gonna be in the match too! He knows that Chavo attacked Azteca, and after a lame ass kung fu sequence between the two, Dario adds Rey to the match officially. Dario grabs a microphone from out of his desk, and makes his way to ringside.

Three Way Main Event!

Pentagon Dark vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Winner: Pentagon Dark via Package Piledriver on Rey Mysterio

Dario lets the live crowd know all the things we just saw backstage. The Temple loves everybody but Chavo, and the bell finally rings. Rey Rey schools both guys with some lucha to start us off. Chavo gets tossed outside, Pentagon follows, and Mysterio takes out both guys with a huge corkscrew plancha! It’s time to open up the usual three guy match formula! All three guys get their time to shine. Pentagon’s moves are brutal, Rey continues to look as fluid as water, and Chavo bores everybody to tears.

Eventually, Rey gets both guys set for a 619. Pentagon moves, and Chavo eats it. Rey goes up top, but Chavo crotches him! This allows Pentagon to destroy Rey, and get the big win. Post-match, Pentagon goes to break Mysterio’s arm, but Rey fights him off! Chavo then comes charging into the ring, and runs Rey Rey over! He grabs a chair, and unloads on Mysterio! Pentagon pinning Rey is huge, but I’m not psyched to see Rey Mysterio and Chavo feud in 2016. At any rate, the match was solid enough, and it had the right finish. ** and ¾ *

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10 Not the strongest episode I’ve ever seen from Lucha Underground, but it was solid. Feuds progressed (although I’m not entirely into the ones on display this week), the wrestling was good enough, and the booking made sense to where Lucha wants to go. Next week looks to be terrific with Matanza, who I love, and the always terrific pairing of Mil Muertes and Prince Puma.

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