An Earlie Outlook: Why Goldberg Returning is Good for WWE’s Future

Goldberg Returning

Monday can potentially send WWE RAW ratings to a place that we haven’t seen in years. All because of Bill Goldberg Returning. We all can agree that Goldberg wouldn’t be on anyone’s list of greatest wrestlers of all time, but his impact on the landscape of “sports entertainment” cannot be scoffed at.

An Earlie Outlook: Why Goldberg Returning is Good for WWE’s Future

In the peak of the Monday Night Wars, World Championship Wrestling dominated with the New world Order and Bill Goldberg leading the charge. We can show love to the Cruiserweights for ushering in a brand of wrestling that pushed the envelope. We can show love to Extreme Championship Wrestling for ushering in the hardcore element to create an insatiable lust for violence in wrestling. However, at the forefront of the Attitude Era, was the core main event storylines involving Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The NWO, Degeneration X, and Goldberg’s streak.

Goldberg’s Impact


This streak mattered to people. Sure, matches with Steven Regal and Hugh Morrus may have sucked, but the impact that the former Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman had on the presentation of wrestling was glorious. He turned squash matches into must see events. What Braun Strowman is doing now fails in comparison. Goldberg’s entrance, theme music, presentation, intensity, catchphrase and core set of moves set him apart from the entire industry. The scene at the Georgia Dome is every entertainer’s fantasy; a sold out, jam-packed arena in pure euphoria for one person. The man stood the test of time and still can generate buzz based off of a short, yet illustrious run. The best part of it is that Bill Goldberg is everything that hardcore wrestling fans hate.

Goldberg is the prototypical body that was a promoters dream. He didn’t have to have sound technical prowess. He didn’t have to pay his dues in the business. Goldberg wasn’t the best on the mic. From the onset, he was sitting on top of the world and the people couldn’t help but love it. Sure, his fall from grace was well documented. Damn near killing Bret Hart and nearly severing every artery in his arm after punching a car window are some of his low moments. Coming into WWE, destroying people in the Elimination Chamber just to lose to Triple H, stifled a lot of his momentum. But regardless, he always kept his aura.

Goldberg Draws

Goldberg Returning

So why can’t hardcore fans just accept this? So what if his last match with Brock Lesnar sucked. That’s not what makes the money. Honestly, it’s about having an appropriate build between two guys that have presence and letting the spectacle reap the rewards. I’m one of few wrestling fans in my particular circle, but my Facebook was lit with statuses about Goldberg. Why? Because he’s a memorable draw. He’s the reason you bring back the likes of Hulk Hogan, The Rock, CM Punk if he wants, because they bring people into the building.

It’s all about drawing. It’s all about making that kid watch. And yes, I know that most of us are adults reading this, but moments that make us mark out are those that put us back in the mold of being a kid again. Also, consider if you’re a dad or a mom. You hear that this man from your childhood or earlier fandom is coming back. You’re going to watch and use that sense of nostalgia to tell your kid’s how great the Attitude Era was. What this creates, is a trickle down effect for creating new fans. Certainly, it is a win for WWE.

Calling Hardcore Fans

Let it happen hardcore fans. Push for more Goldberg. This match with Brock Lesnar helps more people notice a Seth Rollins, Cesaro, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. I was the biggest Hulkamaniac at five years old. What that did for me was make me enjoy the show to get to Hogan. It made me enjoy a Brutus Beefcake, Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Mr. Perfect, Sting, Mikey Whipwreck, Rob Van Damn and La Parka. Just to name a few.

Wrestling is a complete show. It’s why many shows are two hours and most pay-per-views are three hours. Goldberg brings in new eyes to the product. Thus, making new fans in the process. As long as WWE makes a concerted effort to make a compelling show, it’ll bring in new fans. However, the company needs hardcore fans to invite them into the WWE Universe. Teach them that it’s okay to like whoever, just as long as you watch the show. In the end, that’s the ultimate goal getting more people to watch the shows. Goldberg Returning accomplishes that.

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