Lucha Underground Review 11.02.16

Lucha Underground Review 09.14.16

Lucha Underground S03E09 “Loser Leaves Lucha” Review

Location: Boyle Heights, California inside The Temple

Lucha Underground Review 11.02.16

We open with the usual video package. We get recaps of Dario finding out Cortez Castro is an undercover cop from Joey Ryan, and Chavo’s attack on Dragon Azteca Jr. that lead to Rey Mysterio Jr. asking Dario for the Loser Leaves Lucha match that will main event this episode.

Dario interrupts Matt Striker on commentary to hype up Aztec Warfare III, which takes place in two weeks guys! Tonight, however, Dario has his Dial of Doom in store for us tonight. He gives it a spin… and it lands on Dario’s Choice! Dario wonders aloud who it should be? Somebody from the audience? Rey Mysterio? Pentagon Dark? No, his choice is somebody who shows up to The Temple every week to finally get his shot. His arm, however, was broken by Pentagon Dark, but tonight he gets his shot! It’s Cortez Castro!

Lucha Underground Title Match!


Matanza Cueto defends against Cortez Castro

Winner and STILL Lucha Underground Champion: Matanza Cueto via Wrath of the Gods

Cortez comes out with his arm still in the cast. We already know that Dario knows about Cortez, so this match plays out as more punishment. Matanza focuses on the broken arm, with stomps and what not. He even “rebreaks” the arm, and the cast! Cortez gets his hope spot, using the cast to wallop Matanza in the face. Matanza, however, has enough of that stuff, and finally puts Cortez out of his misery. SQUASH

Dario apologizes, as he didn’t know that Cortez wasn’t ready to fight. “Rest under covers, and come back when you’re ready… rat.”

Dario and Joey Ryan are laughing it up in Dario’s office afterward. Joey says they’ll talk later, and leaves. Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada walks in, and Sagrada wants a singles match with Famous B! Dario says that if Son of Havoc can defeat Dr. Wagner tonight, they get the match, and they get to pick the stipulation! If Wagner wins though, Famous B & Dr. Wagner get to pick the stipulation. They accept, and Dario makes a short joke.

Prince Puma takes to the ring with the microphone. He reminds us that has defeated Mil Muertes a couple of weeks ago, and brings up how Mil put Konnan in a casket. Now, he wants to return the favor. IT’S GRAVE CONSEQUENCES TIME! Catrina shows up at the top of the steps, and “gladly accepts”. Mil hits the ring! He pounds the bejesus out of Puma, and goes for the Flatliner, but Puma fights him off!

Grudge Match!


Dr. Wagner Jr. w/ Famous B & Brenda vs. Son of Havoc w/ Mascarita Sagrada

Winner: Son of Havoc via Shooting Star Press

Son of Havoc gets the early advantage by sending Wagner to the outside, and follows it up with a pair of tope suicidas! Havoc introduces Wagner’s face to the ringpost, announcers table, and the guardrails around ringside. Then, Havoc follows it up with a HUGE moonsault off the guardrails! Wagner finally gets going with a clothesline, they set to working the heat. Famous B gets a couple of shots in, but here comes Mascarita to save the day! However, it doesn’t work, and Famous B tosses him aside. They start exchanging some chops, and Son of Havoc comes out on top of the exchange. A huge rolling forearm gets Havoc the near fall! The two start battling up on the rope, Havoc shoves Wagner down, and everybody in the arena knew what was coming next. Nothing more than a fun little sprint here. **

Son of Havoc and Mascarita Sagrada decide that the stipulation will be a Believer’s Backlash match! Sagrada then adds that it’s going to be a “Fans Bring The Weapons” as well! Sweet lord, Famous B is so screwed.

White Rabbit Tribe Promo. The leader finally takes off his glasses, and it’s Paul London! They’ll be here soon!

Loser Leaves Lucha!


Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr. via Hurricanrana/619/Splash combo.

Chavo Classic is sitting in the front row folks. Instead of opting for the hate filled brawl to start us off, Chavo goes to put Rey away early with as many pinfalls as he can muster. Rey uses his speed to keep Chavo off balance. Rey hits a hurricanrana off of the apron that sends Chavo into his dad! A moonsault gets Rey a near fall. Chavo counters a hurricanrana, and we get back to Chavo dominating Rey with his power advantage. Rey, however, sends Chavo to the outside, and hits a plancha. He springboards back into the ring, and Chavo dropkicks him out of the air! Chavo then begins to attack Rey Mysterio’s left leg.

They start battling up on the top turnbuckle. Rey kicks Chavo off, but Chavo comes right back at him. Sunset flip powerbomb by Rey sends Chavo rolling! They trade some punches, Rey hits the ropes, and hits a springboard crossbody. Rey then follows it up with a seated senton for a quick two count. Classic tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Chavo, which he follows up with the Three Amigos. Rey, however, reverses out of the last one. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors sends Chavo into the ropes, Chavo Classic grabs a chair from under the ring, and blasts… Chavo Jr. with it? Chavo Guerrero wins via disqualification! Rey Mysterios is gone forever!

NOT SO SAYS DARIO CUETO! Dario ain’t playing that BS! Dario wants more violence, and says the match isn’t over, and now ANYTHING GOES! RING THE BELL!!!

Rey Mysterio drop toe holds both Chavos into the ropes. Chavo Jr. moves, but Chavo Classic doesn’t. Chavo Guerrero then rolls Rey up into the half-crab, and the crowd pleads with Rey to reach the ropes! Mysterio finally fights out of it, but Chavo quickly reasserts himself with some quick offense. Chavo plants Rey Mysterio with the Gory Bomb for a near fall. Chavo goes for a sunset flip from the middle rope, Rey Rey rolls through, and hits dropkick to Chavo’s face! It’s all Rey Mysterio from there, and Chavo Guerrero finds himself gone from Lucha Underground forever!

Overall, this was a pretty good match. It was slow at parts, but it’s what you expect from both of these guys at this point in their respective careers. The crowd really keeps you into this, and I’ll say they added a nice touch with Chavo Classic trying to get the DQ for his son. *** and ¼ *

Grave Consequences is next week! GET HYPED!

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 Yet another enjoyable episode here folks. The main event was pretty good, and the stories keep on moving along very nicely. This episode flies by, and if you’re not hyped for Prince Puma versus Mil Muertes next week, check your pulse! Grave Consequences always rules!

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