Point of Viewer: Aaron Hernandez Death, Bill O’ Reilly Gone, Conundrums


On the premiere episode of Point of Viewer, Erik Watkins (Viewer) talks about the latest news involving Aaron Hernandez Death, the Facebook killer, and what certain messages mean. He’ll also go into the most recent bout of crazy political news, including the firing of Bill O’ Reilly. Erik also ends up with a special conundrum adventure and why baseball takes a back seat to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Point of Viewer: Aaron Hernandez Death, Bill O’ Reilly Gone, Conundrums

About Point of Viewer

What happens when you take a man who’s been in a lot of crazy situations and forcefeed him a bunch of hack TV news and artificial hype from sports networks? You get a lot of takes and new ways to make you think, as well as laugh. From a supposedly smart man who leads a supposedly interesting life, it’s Point of Viewer.

Erik Watkins

Whether you know him as The Squid, the Conundrum man, or just Erik Watkins. The man with the Epic Hair is far-reaching. Be it in sports, politics, pop culture, or other proclivities and sensibilities. Nevertheless, you’ll always know when he’s around because he knows how to make an entrance (even though half of the time he doesn’t really try). You may look at him funny when you first meet him, but the cross eyes will turn to wide eyes once you get to know him for a while. He’s a different kind of smart, a different kind of college graduate, just a different kind of…everything.

You can hear Erik not just on his own show Point of Viewer, but on several podcasts on the W2M Network. He co-hosts on Soccer 2 the MAX. Erik also co-hosts on This Week in the AFL and on Foxy and Squid as well. So, be sure to check out everything Erik Watkins does around W2Mnet.com

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