Real Life Gamer: Dead Effect 2 Review

This was a really interesting game to review. The game started out as a mobile game. It was then ported to PC and then to consoles. The developer had some things to say before sending the game to us for review, and it initially made me skeptical towards the game. After playing the game, I came to the conclusion it’s a decent game, but it does have some issues.

Dead Effect 2 Review

Title: Dead Effect 2

Platform: PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One [Reviewed], Mobile

Genre: First Person Shooter

Developer: Badfly Interactive

Publisher: Badfly Interactive

Players: Single-Player, Multiplayer

Release Date: Original Release: October 28, 2015 (Mobile), May 6, 2016 (PC), Consoles Release Date: January 13, 2017

Price: $11.99


The game is somewhat reminiscent of Borderlands where there are Role-Playing Game elements in a First Person Shooter. You can upgrade different weapons as the missions proceed, and the story itself is somewhat interesting. Sadly, the graphics do appear dated. It is to be expected though, since this is essentially a game that’s been ported over twice. Not to mention, when you look at the main female character, you get the feeling that it is always cold in space. (Seriously, do we need to see nipples visible under a shirt?)

Character Classes

The three various character classes each feel unique, which is really good and doesn’t always happen in these types of games. You will end up facing a lot of enemy soldiers, creatures and zombies. The enemies do appear different, but don’t really behave that much differently from each other.


The UI is extremely confusing, and there is little to no instruction when it comes to selecting or upgrading powers. The game can be played without ever using any powers if you so choose. The UI seems to be intended for a touchscreen, as opposed to being on a TV screen. Perhaps, this is something that didn’t translate well from the mobile version. Once you get past that though, the actual controls for combat and moving around work really well.

Shoot It

I do like how you can hit a button and it points you in the direct of your objective. This was fairly handy and I used it a lot. Aiming down your weapon works well, and I was able to constantly get head shots during combat. The different enemies you encounter do add some variety to the combat. However, the basics are always the same, just shoot stuff.


Story is interesting

Controls are crisp


Confusing UI

Final Rating

Overall Thoughts: 6 Out of 10 Ultimately, Dead Effect 2 is an average game. There is nothing that really stands out about the game in the end. It has nice controls, varied enemies and the RPG elements do work. If you are big into Shooters, for $12 this would fill that fix. However, it probably won’t be something you are playing more than once. In reality, there are AAA and Indie games that also fit into that mold. Just up to the consumer to decide why they want to pay money to play something.

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