ROH TV Review 11.19.16

ROH TV Review 11.12.16

ROH TV Review 11.19.16

Location: Baltimore, Maryland inside the William J. Myers Pavilion

One on One!


Silas Young vs. Kyle O’Reilly

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly via Brainbuster

If you’re a regular RoH TV viewer, we all know the path that Kyle O’Reilly is on right now. Silas Young might be the most underutilized talent on the RoH roster, but he always find a way to stand out. The bell rings, and we get some nice grappling. Kyle targets Silas’s left knee, and works it over with a series of hold and strikes. Silas finally manages to get something going by dumping Kyle out of the ring, and sends him into the guardrail onto the outside.

Silas remains in control when we return from the commercial break. However, Kyle quickly hits his usual striking combination to turn the tide, and destroys Silas with a running forearm smash in the corner. Kyle goes back to working the knee, and almost locks in the heel hook, but Silas makes it to the ropes. O’Reilly starts working the right arm of Silas now, but Silas battles back with a neckbreaker across his uninjured knee. Silas hits a nice looking cutter for a near fall. The two battle back and forth while Adam Cole comes down to join commentary. Oh happy day! Silas gets Kyle up for Misery, but Kyle slips out the back, and puts Silas away from there. This was a pretty good match. They kept Silas looking good, as he constantly fought out of Kyle’s submission holds, but Kyle would just prove to be too much. ***

Kevin Kelly joins Silas on the outside for a promo. Silas runs down Ultra Liger (a regular ROH fan in Baltimore) and mocks him for dressing up like Jushin Thunder Liger. Silas turns it into running Liger down, who Silas will go one on one with at Final Battle!

Promo Time!

Lethal gets some promo time. Over the weekend, Cody Rhodes announced on Twitter that he’ll be facing Jay Lethal at Final Battle. Lethal says it’s the moment that Cody has been waiting for, and says he looks forward to seeing what Cody can do inside a RoH ring.

The Motor City Machine Guns talk about Ladder War, and how much wrestling has changed. They’re happy that they’ve put their team back together, but they’re not a fan of The Bullet Club, and how they go about doing business. They bring up how Hangman Page joined the Bullet Club by attacking them. Now, the Guns are looking for guys to team up with them to defend Ring of Honor from the Bullet Club. They bring up Lio Rush and Jay White as guys they’d like to align with, and they say if they can’t hang with the new generation of guys, they don’t belong in Ring of Honor.

The Addiction talk about how Ladder War has changed them, and that to leave a legacy, they sometimes have to destroy them. They talk about destroying the Briscoes, so that they can prove they’re best team in RoH history.

Colt Cabana talks about how his last outing with Dalton Castle didn’t go the way he wanted. Dalton walks in, and says it was because he didn’t have The Boys with him. He felt uncomfortable without them last week, so Colt says to pick some out of the line up of guys dressed up in The Boys attire. Dalton picks two, and they all roll out together.

Tag Team Match!

Dalton Castle & Colt Cabana w/ “The Boys” vs. Preston Quinn & Ken Dixon

Winners: Dalton Castle & Colt Cabana via Bang-a-Rang

Ken Dixon comes charging in, Dalton sends him into the ropes, and makes him look silly before putting him away for the victory. SQUASH

Dalton grabs the microphone, and says that Colt seems to have lost his smile. Dalton then mentions that the people love them. They do have to work their way back up from the bottom, but they are heading right back to the top. Colt says they are back at the bottom, and he wants to be a champion. He wants to break the team apart, and do it on his own now.

Colt goes to leave, but Dalton wants to talk it out. Colt offers a handshake, but Dalton wants to hug it out! The crowd starts a “hug it out” chant, and as Colt goes in, HE KNEES DALTON IN THE DING DING! Cabana gives him a big smile, and walks out to a ton of heat. “The Boys” try to fan Dalton, but Colt runs back in and beats everybody up! Cabana takes a fan, and jabs it into Castle’s eye!


I think the words we’re all looking for are, “Ouch”. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two go one on one at Final Battle.

World Six Man Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final!


The Kingdom (Matt Taven, T.K. O’Ryan, and Vinny Marseglia) vs. Team CMLL (Ultimo Guerrero, Hechicero, and Okumura)

Winner: The Kingdom via Leaping Triple Team Powerbomb!

The winner of this match goes on to face KUSHIDA/ACH/Jay White in the finals at Final Battle for the championships. O’Ryan and Hechicero start us off with some quick grappling. T.K. backs Hechicero up into the corner, but Hechicero stops O’Ryan’s flow and takes the straps down! He goes on a run, and tags in Ultimo Guerrero! Triple assisted seated senton on the outside by CMLL sends us to the commercial break.

We return with Taven and Okumura in the ring, where Okumura slams Taven with a Michinoku Driver! Some heel tactics allow The Kingdom to take advantage, and they start working the heat on Okumura. Okumura starts battling back, and tags in Ultimo Guerrero! He gets swarmed by The Kingdom though. Ultimo takes his beating, and then turns into a one man wrecking machine as he runs roughshod over The Kingdom! Hechicero comes back in, and rolls Vinny around the ring to make him dizzy. The match breaks down, as the guys just start running in without tags. Taven hits a springboard enizguri in the corner on Ultimo to send us to another commercial.

The chaos keeps on rolling as we return to the match. Taven flies over the top rope with a huge tope suicida, and lands on his feet! Taven gets Hechicero in the ring, and The Kingdom plant him with a huge triple team move to get the win. This was fun overall, but never really hit the next level for me. It does, however, have some nice spots, and I think The New Kingdom work together pretty well. ** and ½ *

The Briscoes talk some trash about The Addiction. They aren’t anybody’s stepping stone, and call The Addiction a tune up in lieu of their tag team title match with The Young Bucks at Final Battle!

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10 This was another fine outing for Ring of Honor. I’d recommend watching the opener for sure if you need a wrestling fix. The main event was fine, and the promos were are all solid enough. It’s another easy hour of television to watch, but it’s nothing must see.

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