ROH TV Review 11.26.16

ROH TV Review 11.12.16

ROH TV Review 11.26.16

Location: Baltimore, Maryland inside the William J. Myers Pavilion

One on One!


Lio Rush vs. Jonathan Gresham

Winner: Lio Rush via Top Rope Elbow Drop

Well, this should be pretty darn good. The two lock up, and trade some holds for a while to draw everybody in. We get a nice little move where they both go for arm drags at the same time, but neither gains the advantage. Lio Rush’s speed never ceases to impress me, and he gets some quick movements in to gain the momentum. The two trade some strikes, but Gresham gets the advantage, and targets Lio’s taped up left arm. An amazing moonsault from Gresham floors Lio on the outside!

We return from the commercial with Jonathan still in firm control of the match. Gresham’s strikes continue to focus on the left arm, but Lio still has one good arm, and levels Gresham with a big right hand. It gets Lio a break, but it’s not long before Gresham continues the arm work. Rush returns to using the speed, and springboards off the bottom rope to hit a corkscrew plancha on the outside! A springboard enziguri lands for Rush, which leads into the two trading pinfalls.

Rush Hour from outta nowhere! Lio only gets a two count though. The two trade some more moves. The speed these guys are working at is insane! Two Rush Hours from Lio! He goes up to the top, and gets so much air underneath him that he could have flown to Philadelphia if he wanted too. That’s all she wrote! Can’t speak highly enough about both of these guys. It’s a little rough at parts, but it’s still a terrific match. *** and ¼ *

Afterward, The Motor City Machine Guns take to the ring, and put both guys over at the future of Ring of Honor. The Guns shake their hands, and raise their arms. Looks like the Guns are moving along with their mentoring gimmick.

Kyle O’Reilly gets some promo time to talk about his history with Adam Cole, and to put over their World Title match this coming Friday at Final Battle.

Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino go over the Final Battle card.

Tag Team Match!


The Briscoes vs. The Addiction

Winners: The Briscoes via Jay Driller/Froggy Bow combination on Daniels

The Addiction are looking to cement their legacy as the best tag team in Ring of Honor history, while The Briscoes are looking to recapture the RoH World Tag Team Titles for the ninth time this coming Friday at Final Battle. Jay Briscoe and Kazarian start us off with an angry collar and elbow tie up. The feel each other out some more before tagging Daniels and Mark in. Daniels has been working at another level since Ladder War. He’s just so damn good. The match breaks down after some shoving, and all four men start brawling. It spills to the outside, and we get some stereo dives and dropkicks from The Briscoes!

After a commercial break, The Briscoes continue running with their advantage with their classic brawling tactics. A big chop from Mark wakes Kazarian up, and he starts firing back! A huge pump kick off of the distraction from Daniels sends mark to the outside, where Daniels starts working him over. The Addiction begin working the heat on Mark, and start breaking out all of the dirty heel moves you love to see from these guys. A string of sprinboard moonsaults and legdrops absolutely destroy Mark, but still only gets The Addiction a two count as Jay breaks up the fall. Mark fights both Daniels and Kazarian off, and makes the tag! Jay’s a runaway freight train of offense, and almost kills Daniels with a dropkick!

A big jumping stomp from Daniels puts a stop to Jay’s offense, and then Daniels dives on Mark! A near fall for The Addiction follows, but Jay causes The Addiction to hit each other. He tags to Mark, who comes flying in the with the Redneck Kung Fu stuff. However, it isn’t enough to put The Addiction away, who come roaring back into the match with some double moves. Jay interrupts the Best Meltzer Ever, and KAZARIAN REVERSES OUT OF THE DOOMSDAY DEVICE WITH THE FLUX CAPICIATOR ON MARK! SWEET CHRISTMAS!!!

Jay stops Celeberity Rehab in it’s tracks. Jay plants Daniels with the Jay Driller, which sets Mark up to put Daniels away from the victory! As great you’d expect, with an absolutely incredible finishing sequence. Hats off to these guys for sure. *** and ½ *

Adam Cole (BAYBAY!) gets his own promo time, where he talks about he left Kyle O’Reilly in the dust, and became a bonifide superstar. This Friday at Final Battle, Adam Cole gives Kyle one last shot at the World Title, but he plans on keeping his promise! Really, this promo is great. Kyle’s promo ability works for him, but he’s got nothing on Adam Cole here. Really, go out and watch this one.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 While this show is the “go home” for Final Battle, the hype hangs on the main event, and I think Adam Cole does a great job of selling it too you at the end. The wrestling on this show is awesome. If you’re a wrestling fan, but your short on time, there isn’t a better way to spend an hour.

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