The SCU Show: 2017 NBA Season Preview, Carolina Panthers Playoff Bound

Panthers Playoff Bound
Quarterback Cam Newton #1 of the Carolina Panthers reacts on the field during the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on October 8, 2017 in Detroit, Michigan. – Getty Images

Stephen Ur III is all fired up for the National Basketball Association season, which begins next week. What teams could threaten the Golden State Warriors in the West this season? Why is it no team touches the Cleveland Cavaliers in the East? He also talks about who could be the MVP, Some other teams to watch out for, like the Houston Rockets as well. The West somehow even being more competitive than before.

Plus, Cam Newton laughed at a woman who knew routes. SCU goes on a rant about women empowerment you won’t want to miss! Despite his comments, SCU believes Newton can bring the Carolina Panthers back to the playoffs. Tune in to the latest episode of The SCU Show for all that and more.

The SCU Show: 2017 NBA Season Preview, Carolina Panthers Playoff Bound

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About The SCU Show

Stephen Ur III, known as SCU on the show, hosts many different podcasts on the W2M Network. He decided to start a new podcast in which, he gives his hottest takes on the biggest things in sports. SCU is joined by multiple guests to discuss the topics. He gives his opinions on during that show, as well. Every Tuesday, The SCU Show is the newest, hottest sports podcast you’ll want to listen to!

Stephen Ur III

Stephen is the founder of Inside the Arena, an arena football-based website. As well as an NFL and NBA writer for Real Sports Entertainment Network and several other websites. He is also the host of The SCU Show, This Week in the AFL and NAL Now, all on the W2M Network.


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