Sports 2 the MAX: NCAA Tournament 2017 Predictions

NCAA Tournament 2017 Predictions

Sorry, but we really don’t have a Sports 2 the MAX feed to put this in. Also, we aren’t quite ready to return to talking about Football just yet. But we will soon.

Sean Garmer, Gary Vaughan Paul Leazar and Randy Isbelle have a fun little show giving you their NCAA Tournament 2017 Predictions. They give you their brackets, who’s gonna win and pick some upsets along the way. It’s almost time for March Madness 2017 and the guys are feeling the fever.

Sports 2 the MAX: NCAA Tournament 2017 Predictions

Sean Garmer

Studied Journalism at the University of North Texas Born in Arkansas, his favorite college team is the Arkansas Razorbacks, but all of his professional loves come from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, where he spent 20 years of his life. So, that means Sean is a huge Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks supporter as well. Sean is an avid fan of watching football game film, learning about the history of NFL, and fantasy football. Most of his professional writing comes from spending years covering soccer in various forms, but he’s also covered football, wrestling, and video games as well.

Gary Vaughan

is a native of North Texas. He is also a graduate of the University of North Texas with aspirations of a higher level of education. Like a majority of Texans, football is his sports passion. Ironically, his passion for the game sparked from his love of Madden 98. From that point on, he has poured hours into studying NFL history and game film. Gary is a student of the game and is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan. His second sport is hockey, followed up by the rest of the American sports scene.

Randy Isbelle

Randy Isbelle has been a long time New York Jets fan, dating back to when he was a young boy. He always had a fascination about New York growing up and the fandom joined along with it. He used to write NFL previews for 411mania.com back in 2007. Randy joined the Football 2 the MAX podcast early in 2015 and has enjoyed breaking down games and adding statistical analysis ever since.

Paul Leazar

Paul has a history degree from the University of North Texas. He was born an’ raised in the great state of Texas, and began his love affair with pro wrestling at the tender age of five after watching WWF’s Summerslam 1993 pay-per-view. The relationship turned serious with the growth of independent wrestling and the internet in the early 2000’s, which has seen the love affair turn into a full blown addiction that led him to write about it for various websites, host his own podcast “The Wrestling Time Machine” and co-host the Wrestling 2 The MAX podcast.

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