The Four Kings of Boxing: Leonard vs Duran 1&2

The Four Kings of Boxing: Leonard vs Duran 1&2

The Four Kings of Boxing: Leonard vs Duran 1&2

Pat Mullin and Mark Radulich continue with their newest history of boxing podcast series on the Four Kings of Boxing this time focusing on Leonard vs Duran 1&2.

Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Durán, billed as “The Brawl in Montreal”, was a welterweight professional boxing match contested between WBC, The Ring and lineal champion Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Durán. The bout took place on June 20, 1980 at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Canada. Durán defeated Leonard via unanimous decision.

Roberto Durán vs. Sugar Ray Leonard II, billed as “The Super Fight” and later popularly known as the No Más Fight, was a boxing match which took place on November 25, 1980, at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, United States. It was the second of three bouts between the pair. It gained its name from the moment at the end of the eighth round when Durán turned away from Leonard towards the referee and quit by apparently saying, “No más” (Spanish for “No more”).

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The Four Kings of Boxing: Leonard vs Duran 1&2

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