W2Mnet NFL Power Rankings: Week Two

at EverBank Field on November 29, 2015 in Jacksonville, Florida.
at EverBank Field on November 29, 2015 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Week Two brought about exactly what the National Football League likes, which is parody. While there were a teams that did wind up 0-2, the Miami Dolphins, the Washington Redskins, the Buffalo Bills, the New Orleans Saints to name a few, many others tied up their records and left us wondering what gives. The beauty of the NFL, is just when one thinks they have it all figured out, it changes the very next week. Welcome to the W2Mnet NFL Power Rankings: Week Two.

W2Mnet NFL Power Rankings: Week Two


#1 Denver Broncos

Record: 2-0                                                                                             (Last Week: 1)

Another week and another impressive performance by the Denver defense.  The offense received adequate QB play with Siemian throwing for 266 yards and one pick.  He needs to get some TDs to offset the INTs, but overall he didn’t make any game losing mistakes which is all the coaching staff wants.  This team, while not as good as last year, has been the most consistent (good) team over the first two weeks of the season. – Daniel Anderson

(Next Week: @ Cincinnati)


#2 New England Patriots

Record: 2-0                                                                                             (Last Week: 2)

The Patriots looked down right dominant with Jimmy Garoppolo under center.  Unfortunately, Garoppolo left the game with a shoulder injury and third string quarterback Jacoby Brissett helped limp the Patriots to a 31-24 victory over Miami.  With Garoppolo out, the test against the Houston Texans on Thursday looks insurmountable, but this is Bill Belichick and the Patriots, who everyone counted out against Arizona in Week One.  Look for large doses of LeGarrette Blount to help carry New England to Week Five, when Tom Brady returns. – Randy Isbelle

(Next Week: vs Houston)


#3 Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 2-0                                                                                             (Last Week: 6)

The Steelers won a hard fought game over the fierce division rival Bengals, despite a rare quiet game from Antonio Brown, and have started 2-0 despite several missing pieces on offense. With a game against their also undefeated in-state rival Philadelphia next week, the Steelers are looking to start 3-0 before welcoming LeVeon Bell back for a further boost to an already impressive offense. The defense might be better than expected as well, as they kept Cincinnati in check for most of the game. – Mike Mitchell

(Next Week: @ Philadelphia)

carolina#4 Carolina Panthers

Record: 1-1                                                                                             (Last Week: 4)

Losing Jonathan Stewart early in the game did nothing to slow down the Panthers, as the outmatched 49’ers were throttled 46-27. Kelvin Benjamin is back in a big way, Cam Newton looked like the guy we saw last season, and the defense did enough to create separation in the second half. This team faces off against a tough defense next week, as the 2-0 Vikings come to town for one of the best games of the week. – Mike Mitchell

(Next Week: vs Minnesota)

arizona#5 Arizona Cardinals

Record: 1-1                                                                                             (Last Week: 5)

On the flip side, the Cardinals looked like a playoff ready team as they bounced back from losing to the Patriots last Sunday night.  Along with the defense looking strong, Carson Palmer also looked strong behind center, throwing three touchdowns. – Brandon Biskobing

(Next Week: @ Buffalo)


#6 Minnesota Vikings

Record: 2-0                                                                                             (Last Week: 16)

When Teddy Bridgewater went down right before the season, many hopes were lost throughout Minneapolis. However, Sam Bradford, although not a knight in shining armor, showed he may be capable of filling the Louisville alum’s shoes. He had 2 touchdowns and just under 300 yards, showing why he was so sought out after his days in Norman. The defense stifled Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, leading the Vikings to a 17-14 win at their first game in the new, beautiful US Bank Stadium. While Peterson going down could pose to be a problem, the emergence of new stars such as Stefon Diggs and Trae Waynes could help propel the Vikings to their best finish since Favre wore purple and gold. – Noah Mooney

(Next Week: @ Carolina)


#7 Houston Texans

Record: 2-0                                                                                             (Last Week: 10)

The Houston Texans defense stepped up huge forcing three fumbles in the first half and constantly disrupting Alex Smith. They also sacked him four times and held Smith to a measly 186 yards passing and no touchdowns. The Texans struggled to convert the turnovers into touchdowns, which kept the game a lot closer than it really should have been. DeAndre Hopkins scored the lone touchdown of the game, while also going over 100 yards on the day. Will Fuller continued his franchise record setting pace, as he also went over 100 yards for the second consecutive game. Brock Osweiler was fine as well, but the story of this game was the defense that held the Chiefs to only 12 points, with nine of them coming all in the fourth quarter. After two weeks, The Texans look like the best team in the AFC South by a mile.  – Sean Garmer

(Next Week: @ New England)

ny-giants#8 New York Giants

Record: 2-0                                                                                             (Last Week: 13)

The Giants looked strong again this week, beating the Saints 16 to 13.  They came out strong, taking a 7-3 lead into the locker room at halftime and increasing it to 10-3 in the third quarter.  They struggled for most of the fourth quarter, giving up 10 points and the lead, but a strong drive by Eli Manning and Victor Cruz set up a 23 yard field goal by Josh Brown to win the game. – Brandon Biskobing

(Next Week: vs Washington)


#9 Green Bay Packers

Record: 1-1                                                                                             (Last Week: 3)

Chalk Sunday up to a tough road game against a division rival.  The Packers came up short in their attempt to ruin the new stadium celebration in Minnesota.  Aaron Rodgers could never get into a rhythm with constant pressure pushing him out of the pocket and was sacked five times.  Better days will be ahead for Green Bay, who are still trying to find that balance that made them one of the preseason favorites to reach the Super Bowl. – Randy Isbelle

(Next Week: vs Detroit)


#10 New York Jets

Record: 1-1                                                                                             (Last Week: 12)

For the second straight week, the Jets looked like the better team on the field, this time they came home with the victory.  Ryan Fitzpatrick shook off the strangle hold Rex Ryan coached teams had over his production and put up a solid performance.  Throwing for 374 yards and a touchdown, Fitzpatrick used his trio of receivers to pick apart the Bills’ secondary.  Matt Forte had a strong showing for the second straight week, topping 100 yards and scoring three times.  The defense is still giving up big plays, and the schedule doesn’t get any easier with a trip to Arrowhead, but the Jets are positioning themselves as a team to watch in 2016. – Randy Isbelle

(Next Week: @ Kansas City)



#11 Baltimore Ravens

Record: 2-0                                                                                          (Last Week: 20)

The Ravens overcame an early 20-2 deficit to stun the Browns and jump out to a modestly surprising 2-0 record. Mike Wallace is looking like a great fit in their offense, and could Dennis Pitta be a rejuvenated factor for this team going forward? The running game is still a mess, but it hasn’t cost them yet. Also, after struggling early, the defense shut Cleveland out for the final 3 quarters. If this defense can get back to the form of a few years ago, this team could be a potential threat in the AFC after many had wrote them off. – Mike Mitchell

(Next Week: @ Jacksonville)

cincinnati#12 Cincinnati Bengals

Record: 1-1                                                                                             (Last Week: 7)

The Bengals failed to exact revenge for their crushing playoff loss last season against the Steelers this weekend, falling 24-16 on the road. While the defense did decent against their division rival, names like AJ Green and Jeremy Hill were nearly absent on the stat sheet. Unfortunately for the Bengals, things won’t get a lot easier, as they welcome the Broncos to their home opening party next week. However, the Broncos might not be at full strength on defense, which could bode well for the home team. – Mike Mitchell

(Next Week: vs Denver)


#13 Kansas City Chiefs

Record: 1-1                                                                                             (Last Week: 8)

Although the defense tried everything they could to keep the Kansas City Chiefs in the game, Alex Smith and the offense just really couldn’t get much going. Marcus Peters intercepted Brock Osweiler twice and the Chiefs got pressure on him as well, but they couldn’t stop the combination of DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller in the air. They did at least hold Lamar Miller under 100 yards on the day. Alex Smith was constantly bombarded by the Texans defensive line and the running game was not as consistent as usual either. The team once again tried to rally late scoring nine of their 12 points in the fourth quarter. Alas, a failed onside kick sealed their fate and pushed them into a three way tie for second place with the Raiders and Chargers in the AFC West at 1-1. – Sean Garmer

(Next Week: vs NY Jets)

dallas#14 Dallas Cowboys

Record: 1-1                                                                                             (Last Week: 18)

The Dallas Cowboys pulled out a victory against the division rival Washington Redskins. Dak Prescott started only his second NFL game and for the second time he played a solid mistake free game. Ezekiel Elliott has the same NFL experience,as Dak coming into this game, but he had some struggles as he fumbled twice. We saw the Cowboys play a tug of war game with the Redskins all game long. The Cowboys won by getting the ball in Dez Bryant’s hands; as well as having their defense come up with key stops in critical moments. – Gary Vaughan

(Next Week: vs Chicago)


#15 Seattle Seahawks

Record: 1-1                                                                                             (Last Week: 9)

The Seattle offense just looks lost.  There were red flags last season when the offensive line could not block a JV Junior High team.  Russell Wilson was able to overcome that with his mobility and make some huge plays and find ways to win games.  Now Wilson is hobbled after an injury he sustained in Week One, he has to be more of a pocket passer, taking away his ability to extend the play.  Seattle is still trying to make the big plays, but don’t have the time to allow them to develop and can not get anything going offensively.  Either Wilson needs his ankle to miraculously heal or Seattle needs to reign in the offensive game plan and play a more dink and dunk sort of offense. – Randy Isbelle

(Next Week: vs San Francisco)


#16 Philadelphia Eagles

Record: 2-0                                                                                          (Last Week: 21)

The Philadelphia Eagles once again pulled out a victory against the Chicago Bears. Neither team seemed to be fully awake in the first half, but the Eagles opened their eyes and offense in the second half. Ryan Matthews was able to grab a couple of short yardage touchdowns during the half. Carson Wentz managed the game wisely and kept drives moving to get into the red zone on multiple occasions. Overall, Philadelphia outplayed Chicago without a doubt in the second half to snag the victory. The Eagles have played some underwhelming teams, but what matters is they won both games. – Gary Vaughan

(Next Week: vs Pittsburgh)

oakland#17 Oakland Raiders

Record: 1-1                                                                                             (Last Week: 11)

The Raiders offense continues to put up points. However, their defense continues to allow just as many. Last week, they escaped with a one point win on a gutsy call. This week, they had to come from behind again and they couldn’t keep up. Both offenses are almost identical in statistics. Matt Ryan and Derek Carr both threw for three touchdowns, but Ryan surpassed Carr in passing yards. While the Raiders entire running committee beat out Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman in the running game. The Falcons were able to go up 35-21 late in the fourth quarter, due to the Raiders failing on a 4th and 2. Despite that, the Raiders were able to whittle it down to 35-28, but they didn’t have enough time to go another drive after that. – Sean Garmer

(Next Week: @ Tennessee)

detroit#18 Detroit Lions

Record: 1-1                                                                                             (Last Week: 17)

The Lions dropped a tough game to the Titans, losing 16-15 in their home opener. Penalties were an absolute killer in this game, as Detroit was flagged 17 times for 138 yards, including 3 touchdown passes called back due to infractions. They have a trip to Lambeau to look forward to in one of the more interesting games of the week, after the crazy finishes between these two teams last season. Both teams struggled this week and will have a lot to prove in this game. Ameer Abdullah going down Sunday seemed to throw Detroit’s offense off kilter, and his return this week is up in the air. The defense was decimated, as they finished Sunday’s game with only two healthy linebackers left. – Mike Mitchell

(Next Week: @ Green Bay)


#19 Atlanta Falcons

Record: 1-1                                                                                             (Last Week: 28)

The Falcons put a disappointing week one performance behind them and got a tough road win against the Raiders.  It was another high scoring affair, but the Falcon’s defense stepped up in the end and played well enough to get them the win.  The Falcons will be a threat as long as they can keep up score for score with other teams.  This is dangerous team week to week to face and they will have some upset wins throughout the season. – Daniel Anderson

(Next Week: @ New Orleans)


#20 Tennessee Titans

Record: 1-1                                                                                             (Last Week: 25)

Tennessee has quietly had one of the best defenses in the NFL in this early season.  Over the course of two games they have only given up one offensive touchdown.  They did not face bad teams either.  Detroit scored a lot of points in week one, and Minnesota just beat Green Bay for an early divisional lead.  The defense looks to be for real.  Now, all they need is the offense to start scoring some touchdowns and they could be a surprise team this year challenging for their division. – Daniel Anderson

(Next Week: vs Oakland)


#21 San Diego Chargers

Record: 1-1                                                                                             (Last Week: 31)

In Week 1, the San Diego Chargers started hot but did not finish against Kansas City. This week the Chargers got hot fast and never looked back. We saw the Chargers score 35 unanswered points as they dominated the Jacksonville Jaguars all game long. Melvin Gordan scored the first touchdown, as Phillip Rivers followed him up with four more touchdowns through the air. Danny Woodhead was injured during the game, but where he was missed, we saw newly aquired Travis Benjamin picked up the slack with a pair of touchdowns. Overall, San Diego made a statement in this game with a high scoring affair and a stingy defense that created turnovers. This team has had an impressive start to a season that not many people had very high expectations for. – Gary Vaughan

(Next Week: @ Indianapolis)


#22 Indianapolis Colts

Record: 0-2                                                                                             (Last Week: 19)

Andrew Luck had a terrible day against the defending Super Bowl champions and their vaunted defense. Aqib Talib returned a Luck interception 46 yards for a touchdown. While Von Miller strip-sacked Luck and Shane Ray ran it in for a 15 yard score as well. Luck was sacked five times on the day and only threw for a total of 197 yards.  On the other side, the Colts defense couldn’t stop C.J. Anderson in the running game, allowing openings for  Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian in the passing game. The Indianapolis Colts are once again 0-2 for a third consecutive season. – Sean Garmer

(Next Week: vs San Diego)

washington#23 Washington Redskins

Record: 0-2                                                                                             (Last Week: 23)

The Washington Redskins had a hard fought back and forth game with the Dallas Cowboys. We saw the Redskins stumble early as the Cowboys dominated the first quarter with 10 unanswered points. From the second quarter on, the game was a balancing act as both teams had successes. Kirk Cousins struggled early, but came out of halftime with a fire under him. Overall, the Redskins were always in this game. What lost this game for Washington was their defenses inability to consistently stop the Dallas offense. Kirk Cousins’ big interception in the end zone, as the game was in the fourth quarter, changed the momentum of the game for the Redskins. Now, last year’s NFC East champions are now 0-2. – Gary Vaughan

(Next Week: @ NY Giants)

tampa-bay#24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 1-1                                                                                             (Last Week: 14)

After looking strong to start the season the Bucs struggled mightily against the Cardinals, losing 40-7.  Jameis Winston was very sloppy with the ball, throwing four interceptions. – Brandon Biskobing

(Next Week: vs Los Angeles)


#25 San Francisco 49ers

Record: 1-1                                                                                             (Last Week: 27)

San Francisco: The 49ers gave the Panthers a run for their money but couldn’t keep up with the powerful Panther offense, losing 46-27.  The 9ers took an early lead in the first quarter off of an interception but had to settle for a field goal despite the short field.  The teams would trade leads in the first and second quarters until the Panthers pulled out in front for good at the end of the first half. – Brandon Biskobing

(Next Week: @ Seattle)


#26 Los Angeles Rams

Record: 1-1                                                                                             (Last Week: 30)

Los Angeles rebounded off of an ugly Monday Night loss against San Francisco in a low scoring affair against the Seahawks. The defense was impressive, not even allowing a touchdown, breaking up Russell Wilson’s streak of straight games with a passing touchdown. Speaking of touchdowns, Aaron Donald and co. didn’t even allow the 2014 Super Bowl Champions one touchdown. The offense still needs to improve, but in week 2, the stifling defense allowed the Rams to capture a win in their first game back at the Coliseum. – Noah Mooney

(Next Week: @ Tampa Bay)

jacksonville#27 Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 0-2                                                                                             (Last Week: 15)

Sound the alarms in Jacksonville, the junk time Jaguars were back in force.  A young team with tons of question marks failed to show any of their potential after a long trip to the west coast to play the Chargers.  Jacksonville fell down early and never recovered and now start the season 0-2.  – Randy Isbelle

(Next Week: vs Baltimore)


#28 New Orleans Saints

Record: 0-2                                                                                             (Last Week: 24)

On the positive side the defense forced three turnovers and held a powerful Giants offense to 16 points.  Sadly, the offense couldn’t get anything going and only scored a total of 13 points.  This Saints team is hard to figure out, but if the week one offense can show up at the same time as the week two defense, this could be a dangerous team. Next week’s game should be an offensive show as the Saints face the Falcons.  If you like high scoring games try to catch this week three matchup. – Daniel Anderson

(Next Week: vs Atlanta)


#29 Miami Dolphins

Record: 0-2                                                                                          (Last Week: 22)

The Dolphins were two different teams on Sunday. When Jimmy Garoppolo was in the game, both sides of the ball were absolutely inept. They looked putrid and they had no recourse but to watch the Patriots slice them up. In the second half, once Garoppolo went down, it was like magic all the sudden the Dolphins could move the ball offensively. Ryan Tannehill finished with 389 yards passing and two scores, while connecting with his favorite target Jarvis Landry 10 times for 137 of those yards. Although the Dolphins defense found a way to put a handle on Jacoby Brissett, they were unsuccessful at stopping LeGarrette Blount from running all over them and keeping the Dolphins offense off-the-field until about one minute left in the fourth quarter. Dolphins are now 0-2 with one loss in the division. – Sean Garmer

(Next Week: vs Cleveland)


#30 Buffalo Bills

Record: 0-2                                                                                          (Last Week: 26)

Thursday night was once again a nightmare for Rex Ryan defensively. The defense allowed 493 yards, including 100 of those to Matt Forte, along with three Rushing touchdowns. The Jets offense also doubled the Bills in first downs and almost did the same in time of possession, in a game where the score makes it look closer than it really was. Tyrod Taylor’s numbers look great, but a lot of his yards come on two big completions, one a big play touchdown to Marquise Goodwin. Somehow this led to the firing of Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman, but perhaps it is only a desperate deflection from the real issues that plague the team. Regardless, none of that really matters, as the Bills are 0-2 and down one game in the division as well. – Sean Garmer

(Next Week: vs Arizona)

chicago#31 Chicago Bears

Record: 0-2                                                                                          (Last Week: 29)

The Bears laid an egg Monday Night against the Eagles. The offense can’t seem to find a running game, and the defense is tired from the other team having the ball the majority of time. Not only did the Bears face an embarrassing loss on national television, but they lost many of their key players from injury: Cutler, Goldman, Houston and Amos. It’s early in the season, but it seems the Bears could be in the running for top pick in 2017’s NFL Draft. – Noah Mooney

(Next Week: @ Dallas)


#32 Cleveland Browns

Record: 0-2                                                                                             (Last Week: 32)

The Cleveland Browns could have not started better in their game against the Baltimore Ravens. We witnessed the Browns jumping right onto the scoreboard with three touchdowns in the first quarter. Josh McCown connected with rookie wide receiver Corey Coleman twice for scores and Isaiah Crowell ripped through the Ravens defense for an 85 yard touchdown run. All the momentum stopped for the Browns after the Ravens blocked their third extra point and returned it for 2 points. The Ravens began to climb back in the game; despite the Browns defensive efforts. Joe Hayden grabbed a pair of interceptions to keep Joe Flacco from hitting big plays. Overall, the Browns had a chance to still win on a game winning drive that ended in failure. Josh McCown lead the Browns in a tough divisional game. Though like the last drive, he got so close but he could not finish in the end. – Gary Vaughan

(Next Week: @ Miami)


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