Wrestling Unwrapped: PROGRESS Chapter 36 Review

PROGRESS Chapter 36 Review

40 episodes in, and Wrestling Unwrapped thought it was about time to go to England. And what better company to cover than one of the most popular in the world. It’s a show so big they needed to go to a bigger place. 2 out 3 falls, a triple threat for the title, and a preview of what was to come for the WWE, all in one show. Join WU as they cover Progress Wrestling Chapter 36: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Room… Again.

A massive main event greets us as The Villain Marty Scurll puts his Progress title on the line again Mark Haskins and Tommy End. Can anyone dethrone the only two time champ? Or will Marty prove why he is the greatest Progress champ ever?

However, this isn’t the only title on the line, as British Strong Style challenges the London Riots for the Progress Tag Team Titles. Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey battle in the finals to crown a first ever Atlas Champion too.

And, be sure to sure to stick around for the big finish. Including the best and worst match, and our cash and trash as well.

Wrestling Unwrapped: PROGRESS Chapter 36 Review

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About Wrestling Unwrapped

This is what happens when two guys who collect wrestling DVDs and love to talk, get together to talk about wrestling DVDs. The results are rarely pretty. Patrick rarely shuts up, and Harry is full of one liners. This leads to constant badgering about the best and worst in wrestling.

Patrick Ketza

Growing up in Chicago, Patrick has never been away from wrestling. From WWE, ROH, AAW, SHIMMER, and everything in between, he’s had at least a taste of everything. More into the Chicago indie circuit, following SHIMMER and AAW, Patrick still never shies away from making his opinions heard to all who will listen. Patrick also serves as the W2Mnet Wrestling Senior Editor and helps organize things in the section.

Harry Broadhurst

Harry Broadhurst is a product of Youngstown, Ohio. He started watching wrestling at the age of six and attended his first live event at the age of nine. Harry’s been obsessed with this psuedosport every since. He also enjoys long walks on the beach and busting Patrick Ketza’s stones on Wrestling Unwrapped.

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