College Football Playoff: Top Four Reaction

Top Four Reaction
PHOENIX, AZ – JANUARY 09: The College Football National Championship trophy sits on display during Media Day for the College Football Playoff National Championship at Phoenix Convention Center on January 9, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)

The latest College Football Playoff Rankings were released on Tuesday night. Alabama remained at #1, Ohio State reclaimed the #2 spot, Michigan remained in the #3 spot and Clemson only dropped down to #4.

College Football Playoff Top Four Reaction

Alabama undoubtedly belongs at number one and Ohio State deserves the number two spot. However, how is it that Michigan and Clemson are still in the top four? Both are coming off of a loss to unranked teams.

Michigan lost to an unranked Iowa team. Not only that, but they struggled earlier in the season against Colorado and in-state rival Michigan State. With the way they have played in those games, Michigan could be in the top six, but shouldn’t have been in the top four.

It is an absolute disgrace that Clemson is sill even in talks for the College Football Playoff. This is not the team that played in the National Championship Game in the 2015-16 season. They started their season off by struggling against an unranked Auburn team and a Sun Belt Conference school Troy.

With Clemson and Michigan Out, Who Should be in?

If there were two other teams to consider to place in the top four, they would be Louisville and Wisconsin.

Louisville is the third best team in the nation behind Alabama and Ohio State. Lead by Lamar Jackson, who is the clear front runner for the Heisman trophy, Louisville has found ways to win games or blow opponents out of the water. Either way, they have played better football than Clemson and belong in the top four, despite losing the head-to-head against the Tigers.

Wisconsin is the best two-loss team in the top 25. They started their season by knocking off a tough LSU team in Green Bay. They’ve also played Michigan and Ohio State to the edge. They also knocked off the Iowa team that beat Michigan this past weekend.

Hopefully, the College Football Playoff Committee sees this for next week and makes the appropriate rankings with just two weeks until the final rankings are announced and we will know our semifinal games on New Year’s Eve, shall the games be played then.

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