Lucha Underground Review 11.16.16

Lucha Underground Review 11.09.16

Lucha Underground S03E11 “Aztec Warfare III” Review

Location: Boyle Heights, California inside The Temple

Lucha Underground Review 11.16.16

No opening video package this week because we all know what’s happening tonight! AZTEC WARFARE!

Backstage, Johnny Mundo runs into Dario Cueto, who’s going to fetch his brother for the big match tonight. Johnny says that he’s going to be the first man to co-hold the Gift of the Gods and the Lucha Underground Championships, but if for some reason he doesn’t win, he’s giving Dario his one week notice that he’ll be cashing in his title so next week. He’s so confident about tonight though because he’s coming in at #12! Dario tells him to put that confidence to test, and tears Johnny’s number slip in half. He says that Johnny can enter at #2, and that’s its put up or shut up time. I’ve been loving this story between Dario & Mundo all season long, and this segment continues the trend of awesome interactions between the two.

The war drums are playing, the crowd is chanting for the match, and Dario is already in the ring with his brother. If you’re new to this one, it’s a Royal Rumble style match, but eliminations can only happen via pin or submission. Plus, anything goes! Dario informs Melissa Santos that #2 was supposed to be Sexy Star, but instead, it’s now Johnny Mundo! Let’s get rolling!


Matanza Cueto (Enters at #1) defends Johnny Mundo (Enters at #2), Drago (Enters at #20), Sexy Star, Rey Mysterio Jr., Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Mariposa, The Mack, Jeremiah Graves, and 11 other luchadores and luchadoras!

Winner and NEW Lucha Underground Champion: Sexy Star

Matanza and Mundo lock up to start. The champion uses his power to bully Mundo around the ring, while Johnny avoids the big moves by using his speed. Matanza finally gets his hands on Mundo though, and sets to work.

Entering at #3: Son of Havoc!

Havoc and Mundo start working together to put a hurting on Matanza. That lasts for maybe four moves before each of the three guys start beating each other up. We get some nice double teams moves from Mundo and Havoc though before our next entrant comes out.

Entering at #4: Jeremiah Crane!

Crane charges right into the ring, and hits some big kicks on Matanza to stun. Havoc and Mundo get their own kicks in too, and a triple superkick sends Matanza out of the ring. PUMP KICKS AND SUPERKICKS EVERYWHERE! A nice pop-up spear double team move from Havoc & Crane flattens Mundo.

Entering at #5: Pentagon Dark!

SUPERKICK TO MATANZA FROM PENTAGON! Jesus, the Young Bucks are blushing somewhere. Pentagon runs over everybody in the ring, and Matanza charges back in to beat him up!

Entering at #6: PJ Black!


Tower of Doom spot with Havoc, Mundo, and Crane. PJ hits a coast to coast dropkick on Havoc as he recovers from the spot! Black and Mundo team up, and hit a pop up cutter on Havoc, and then suplex Crane onto Havoc. The double moves continue as our next entrant comes on in.

Entering at #7: Mariposa!

Pentagon and Matanza continue to brawl on the outside. Mariposa hits a couple of moves before Crane flattens her with the Crane Driller, which is pretty much the Jay Driller. Matanza comes back into the ring, and destroys Crane with a huge german suplex!

Elimination #1: Jeremiah Crane by Matanza!


Mariposa recovers, and has a strange interaction with Matanza. The weird infatuation lasts a few seconds, which he follows up with a monstrous chokeslam.

Elimination #2: Mariposa by Matanza!

Entering at #8: Rey Mysterio!

Mundo and Black attack Rey on the outside, while Son of Havoc hits a dive on Matanza! Pentagon and Rey Mysterio take to the ring, where Pentagon comes out ahead with some heavy strikes.

Entering at #9: Dr. Wagner Jr.

Wagner and Pentagon team up to beat on Rey Mysterio some more. Rey, however, quickly turns the tables. Wagner puts a stop to it. Mundo and Black have started hiding under the ring.

Entering at #10: Marty “The Moth” Martinez


Matanza clears the ring, and Marty slaps him right in the face! They brawl, and somehow, Marty gets the best of Matanza! HUGE TOPE SUICIDA FROM MARTY ONTO MATANZA! He no-sells it though, and tosses Marty into the guardrails.

Entering at #11: Jack Evans!

Mundo comes out from the under ring jumping for joy. The three Worldwide Underground members team up on Havoc. Matanza chokes Marty with a chair. A couple of triple teams moves, plus a standing corkscrew moonsault sends Havoc packing.

Elimination #3: Son of Havoc by Jack Evans

Entering at #12: Sexy Star!

She runs right into the ring, and starts attacking Johnny Mundo! Black and Evans move in to help, and we have another three on one situation. They toss her to the outside, where she takes out Matanza and Marty. Jack Evans with the huge handspring moonsault plancha onto the pile on the outside! Black goes for a tope suicida, but Pentagon floors him with a huge kick to the mouth! Mundo hits a top rope corkscrew senton onto the pile on the outside!

Entering at #13: Ricky Mandel!


Jack Evans attacks Sexy Star some more. Dr. Wagner Jr. works over Rey Mysterio’s shoulder. Pentagon Dark meets Ricky in the ring with a huge superkick. He nails him with the package piledriver! Pentagon goes to break Ricky’s arm, but in comes Black Lotus and the three ninjas from her clan! They’re Kairi Hojo, Io Shirai, and Mayu Iwatani! STARDOM IN THE TEMPLE!!!!! They beat the hell out of Pentagon, and put the exclamation point on the attack with a huge destroyer that sends the believer’s into a “holy shit” chant! Mundo sneaks into the ring, and sends Pentagon packing. PJ Black follows right in, and puts an end to Ricky Mandel as well.

Elimination #4: Pentagon Dark by Johnny Mundo (w/ an assist from Black Lotus and her clan of ninjas)

Elimination #5: Ricky Mandel by PJ Black

Entering at #14: Mascarita Sagrada!

Sagrada hits the ring, and Matanza meets him in the ring. A short exchange ends with Matanza hitting Wrath of the Gods! Famous B jumps for joy on the outside.

Elimination #6: Mascarita Sagrada by Matanza

PJ continues to attack Sexy Star, and Mundo & Evans have started beating up Dr. Wagner Jr.

Entering at #15: Famous B!

B hops into the ring with Rey Mysterio, who he gives a big hug too! He gives him his business card, and tells Rey to call him. Rey Mysterio gives him the 619 and the splash for his troubles.

Elimination #7: Famous B by Rey Mysterio

Matanza sends Wagner into the announce table. Mundo joins Rey Mysterio in the ring. Marty interrupts their stuff, and sends Mundo to the outside. Marty tries to overpower Rey, but a botched roll-up leads to Marty being sent out of the match.

Elimination #8: Marty “The Moth” Martinez by Rey Mysterio

Entering at #16: The Mack!

He gives a stunner to Marty, and the hits a tope con helio onto a pile of people on the outside. Mack helps out Sexy to fight off the Worldwide Underground contingent. Meanwhile, Matanza continues to beat Dr. Wagner Jr. all around ringside.

Entering at #17: Joey Ryan!

Joey brings out the handcuffs just like he did last year. However, instead of handcuffing himself to the guardrail, he opts to handcuff himself to the handrail on the entry steps. Smart move Joey! Mack bodyslams Mundo onto a steel chair, and Sexy suplexes Evans onto the floor!

Entering at #18: Mil Muertes!

Welp, Joey’s doomed. Mil walks down the steps, and Joey tries to beg off. Mil busts the handcuffs, and chokeslams Joey in the center of the ring. At the same time, Matanza plants Dr. Wagner Jr. with a huge DDT! The two monsters stare into each other’s eyes as their fallen prey find themselves eliminated!

Eliminations #9 & #10: Joey Ryan & Dr. Wagner. Jr by Mil Muertes & Matanza

They slowly rise, and start trading punches! It spills to the outside while Sexy Star & The Mack continue to brawl with the Worldwide Underground contingent.

Entering at #19: Kobra Moon!

Moon goes to the announce table, lays her body across it, and stares up at Vampiro. The aformentioned brawls continue across ringside. The Mack and Jack Evans are back in the ring, and Mack nails a backpack stunner on Jack!

Elimination #11: Jack Evans by The Mack

PJ Black comes flying into the ring. Mack hits a pop-up stunner!

Elimination #12: PJ Black by The Mack

Entering at #20: Drago!

Drago runs right after Kobra Moon, but Kobra leaps off the table with a plancha that puts Drago on the defensive. Matanza with a piledriver on the floor onto Mil Muertes. Drago and Kobra Moon find their way into the ring, and Drago ends up rolling Kobra Moon up into the Dragon’s Tail!

Elimination #13: Kobra Moon by Drago

In comes Matanza, who hits a flipping fallaway slam on Drago! Jesus, what can’t this guy do?

Elimination #14: Drago by Matanza

Mack suplex Mundo on the floor! Rey Mysterio climbs into the ring with Matanza for some ungodly reason. Rey uses his speed, and hits some quick strikes. Matanza catches a springboard crossbody attempt, and plants Mysterio with a huge slam. Mundo comes into the ring, and kicks the heck out of Matanza as he sits back up. Mil Muertes hits a huge spear, Sexy Star nails a codebreaker, and The Mack floors him with a shining wizard and a stunner! Mundo hits a springboard kick! Matanza has been rocked, and Rey Mysterio hits him with a 619! Rey goes for a second, but Matanza catches him! However, Rey fights his way out of it, and manages to hit a sunset flip bomb to send Matanza packing! THE TEMPLE IS GOING NUTS!!!

Elimination #15: Matanza by Rey Mysterio

Dario, however, starts arguing the referee, and says he makes the rules! Matanza starts attacking Rey! He rams into the guardrails over and over again. The referee tries to stop him, but Matanza punches him! Mundo mocks Dario on the outside, while Rey Mysterio eats a Wrath of the Gods. Matanza snaps! As Dario tries to control him with key, Matanza shoves Dario down and walks out! Mundo picks up the pieces in the ring, and pins Rey Rey.

Elimination #16: Rey Mysterio by Johnny Mundo


Sexy Star sneaks into the ring, and rolls up Johnny for a near fall! Johnny starts beating Sexy Star up, and calls in PJ and Jack, who start stomping away on Sexy. Rey Mysterio is getting stretchered out guys! Sexy Star gets double suplexed by PJ & Jack! ANGELICO IS BACK! HE DIVES OFF THE TOP OF DARIO’S OFFICE AND FLOORS THE WORLDWIDE UNDERGROUND!!! That spot will never get old. Sexy crawls over to Johnny, and eliminates him!

Elimination #17: Johnny Mundo by Sexy Star (w/ a huge assist from Angelico)

We’re down to The Mack, Sexy Star, and Mil Muertes. The Mack and Sexy Star team up on Mil, but he fights them off. Mil flattens The Mack with a spear, and murders him with the Flatliner.

Elimination #18: The Mack by Mil Muertes

The crowd cheers Sexy Star on, who charges in with everything she’s got. Mil tosses her away, and plants her with a chokeslam. Muertes goes to the outside, and pulls out a table from under the ring. Mil sets the table up in the corner, and grabs a steel chair. Mil goes for another chokeslam, but this time on the chair. Sexy reverses it, and plants Mil with a huge DDT onto the chair. She picks up the chair, and connects with several shots to Mil’s head! The big man falls! 1! 2! NO! Mil catches her by the throat, and pushes her back towards the table.

Mil charges in, but Sexy Star rolls out of the way! He goes head first through the table, and Sexy rolls Mil up for another near fall! Mil connects with the biggest right hand I’ve ever seen. The big man pulls out another table from under the ring, and sets it up in the ring. Mil places her on the top rope, and Mil goes for the same chokeslam that put Puma away. Sexy fights back, and shoves Mil through the table! DOUBLE STOMP! 1! 2! 3! SEXY WINS FRIGGIN CLEAN AS A WHISTLE!!!


Elimination #19: Mil Muertes by Sexy Star!

Sexy Star is in tears as the referee hands her the championship. She raises it up high, kisses it, and is showered with “You Deserve It” chants as the credits roll. Aztec Warfare III wasn’t as good as the first two, but it still accomplished everything it needed too. All the storylines got some time to be featured, the atmosphere was perfect, the chaotic mess entertained me to no end, and you get a wonderful ending. *** and ¾ *

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10 It’s so hard to rate a one match show. Aztec Warfare may not have lived up to everybody’s expectations, but the ending certainly will be something to remember for fans of the show. All the big storylines got hit upon, and we create some new questions to ask as well. We already know Johnny Mundo will face Sexy Star for the title next week. Can lightning strike twice for Johnny? No matter what, this is still a fun episode, and one well worth your time.

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