New Look Lola Bunny, Eminem vs. Social Media, Super Straight Movement?

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On tonight’s episode, we start off the episode by exploring how a sexual bunny has caused havoc over the internet with Lola Bunny’s redesign for Space Jam 2. Next, we move on to of the most controversial lyrical geniuses to grace the airwaves letting his political view place him in a new cancel culture trend. Then, wrapping up we tackle the latest TikTok trend of the super straight movement that has sparked its own debate between co-hosts. So sit back, strap in, cause it’s a helluva ride tonight!

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Sexy Bunnies (Mainly Lola Bunny), Celebrity Politics, and Super Straight Pride

About Black Irish

Erik’s Black, and Jason’s Irish. It’s as simple as that. Two best friends get together with some deep thoughts and hot takes on current events, major conversations, and whatever else comes across their minds. Sometimes it gets heavy, sometimes there are shenanigans, but they guarantee you’ll walk away having learned a thing or two.

Jayson Teasley

Jason Teasley, the man, the myth, the legend, in his own mind. Fantasy football junkie and the residential evil ginger that brings his insights and opinions whether warranted or not.

Erik Watkins

You may know Erik from The Kickoff, or Soccer 2 The MAX. You probably remember Point of Viewer. Back in the day, he was on past shows on W2M and other networks. He’s also a man who nearly got knocked off a scaffold while covering an arena football game. Nevertheless, there’s more to the man behind the hair. A graduate of UNF who made the mistake of trying grad school, he’s a seasoned veteran of many things in life, and he has a lot to say about it.

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