ROH TV Review 10.08.16

ROH TV Review 10.08.16

ROH TV Review 10.08.16

Location: Brooklyn, New York inside MCU Park

Just a note here, this week’s episode will be from the Field of Honor taping they did at the end of September. So if, you’ve seen that particular event, this will be nothing new for you. Also, work and sickness made this one extra late, so apologies for the lack of screenshots.

One on One!

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Katsuyori Shibata

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly via Referee Stoppage due to a omoplata

Well, we know this one’s gonna kick ass. These guys absolutely killed it at King of Pro Wrestling. We start off with a lot of quick go behinds and mat wrestling. We go to commercial as Kyle makes it to the ropes, and Shibata goes right back on the offensive. Shibata is cranking Kyle’s left arm when we return to the ring. Kyle tries to slap on some moves, but Shibata easily reverses out of them. The two continue to try to out man each other as we go to the next commercial break. THE TWO ARE TRADING YAKUZA KICKS WHEN WE COME BACK! They start trading forearm smashes, but Kyle takes the advantage with the Axe and Smash.

Kyle charges in, however, Shibata hits the STO! Shibata locks in the Sleeper Hold, but Kyle makes it to the ropes. HIGH ANGLE BACK SUPLEX! KYLE SHAKES IT OFF, AND THEY’RE TRADING SUPLEXES NOW! Kyle lands a huge kick! Shibata hits with the knee at the same time, leaving both men down! They’re kicking out at one now. Neither guy gives a damn anymore about their bodies. Kyle ends up getting Shibata on the ground, and manages to out wrestle Shibata! Shibata won’t tap out though, so Tiger Hattori calls for the bell. An excellent bout that made both guys look strong. This is especially important for Kyle O’Reilly at this moment in time. ****

We get a highlight package of the entire Field of Honor event. I’m not seeing why I need to pay for the VOD over on rohwrestling.com, but okay.

RoH World Title Main Event!

Adam Cole (BAYBAY!) defends against Jay Lethal, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and Tetsuya Naito

Winner and STILL RoH World Champion: Adam Cole via Lash Shot on Jay Lethal

Naito comes out with a killer mask. Lethal wants Naito to start, but he’s tranquilo as fuck, and decides to wait. Cole starts, but immediately tags out to Tanahashi. Naito and Cole then tag themselves in. All four guys work well together, and you get what you would expect. Lots of chaos, lots of big moves, and lots of one on one situations to highlight the feuds. After Cole and Naito work out their initial aggressions against each other, they decide to work together to isolate Lethal. The also work to keep Tanahashi outside of the ring. Finally, Lethal makes the hot tag to Tanahashi, who goes up for the High Fly Flow. However, Naito crotches him, and gives us a big smile as he tags himself in to beat on Cole.

We get into the big move stretch, and Lethal comes off the top rope with the HAIL TO THE KING onto Cole! Tanahashi goes for the High Fly Flow, but both Lethal & Cole roll out of the way. He catches a Lethal Injection. Lethal goes for another one on Cole, but Naito catches him with the RoH World Title belt. A huge superkick from Cole murders Naito, and Cole sends it home from there. It’s a fun title match, but it wasn’t anything overly special. Everybody worked hard though, and the crowd ate it up, so it more then served it’s job as a great main event. *** and ½ *

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10 Superb wrestling this week, but I’m ready to capitalize on all of the stuff coming out of All Star Extravaganza already. I’m really eager to watch the next episode.

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