ROH TV Review 10.29.16

ROH TV Review 10.08.16

ROH TV Review 10.29.16

Location: Lowell, Massachusetts inside Lowell Memorial Auditorium

We open with a recap of Hangman Page’s attack on Kyle O’Reilly at All Star Extravaganza, and his attack on both members reDRagon last week on RoH TV. I’m loving the focus on Hangman Page here. He feels like an enforcer, and oh so very dangerous.

One on One!


Donovan Dijak w/ Prince Nana vs. Danny Miles

Winner: Donovan Dijak via THREE! Feast Your Eyes

Oh Mister Miles, how doomed you are. Danny wants a handshake, but Dijak is in no mood for games, and floors him with a string of big hits! Danny tries a few punches, but the don’t even phase Donovan. Dijak murders Danny with a Chokebreaker, or at least he would if this was CHIKARA. Poor Danny eats a Feast Your Eyes, but the crowd wants more! He obliges, and I’m left wondering if Danny Miles even has a pulse. SQUASH

Prince Nana grabs the microphone, and unleashes his rage about the decision during the World TV Title match at All Star Extravaganza. He says Donovan Dijak is the very definition of a professional athlete. Nana wants Dijak to tell him that it will never, ever, happen again. Dijak just looks like him with a sneer of anger. The two shake hands. Alright then.

All About Them Promos BAYBAY!

We go backstage where The Young Bucks and Adam Cole are interviewed about how they are feeling. The Motor City Machine Guns walk past them after their match last week, and The Young Bucks mock them. We got ourselves a brawl, and security tries to break it up as we cut to our next promo.

The Briscoes are all kinds of mad at The Addiction, who cost them the RoH World Tag Team Titles back at Field of Honor. Tonight, they get their revenge when they face off, next!

The Addiction come out with Kamaitachi in their street clothes. Kazarian talks about how beat up they are, but here they are, standing like a bunch of men after Ladder War VI, which changed their lives. Kazarian talks about The Briscoes legacy. They’ve been here since day one, they’re eight time tag team champions, and many consider them the greatest tag team in RoH history.

Kazarian can accept that. However, when he thinks about legacy, he thinks about Christopher Daniels. He talks about how much Daniels has meant to RoH, how much he has meant to pro wrestling, and how much he’s enjoyed being his friend and partner. Kazarian finishes up by saying that he’ll work till his dying breath that when all is said and done, people will say that The Addiction are the greatest team in Ring of Honor history. They leave the ring, they’re too hurt to fight tonight, but it sounds like we’ll get the match at some point down the road. That was pretty damn good.

The Briscoes, however, say they still wanna fight some folks. They call out The Young Bucks! After the commercial, The Bullet Club music hits, and out comes… Adam Cole (BAYBAY!) and Hangman Page! Cole mocks The Briscoes’ “Man Up” chant, and says that it’s real manly to call out some beat up wrestlers like The Young Bucks. Cole says The Briscoes won’t be facing The Young Bucks tonight. The Briscoes call out Cole and Page to fight them then! The move to leave, but charge the ring, and we got ourselves a fight!

Tag Team Action!


The Briscoes vs. Hangman Page & Adam Cole (BAYBAY!)

Winners: The Briscoes via DQ

The moves come flying fast and furious, but The Briscoes get the advantage, and send The Bullet Club running to the outside. After everything settles down, Page and Mark look to start, but Cole jumps Mark from behind! The Bullet Club go to work, and Adam starts pounding away on Mark. Page not be a big man, but he throws a lariat like he’s a clone of Stan Hansen. The Bullet Club stay in control as we head to another commercial break.

We come back with Mark throwing some redneck kung fu strikes, but Cole runs him over with a dropkick! Mark keeps fighting, and he makes the tag to Jay! Big kicks and strikes for both of the Adams! GOOD LORD! JAY MURDERS PAGE WITH A HUGE CLOTHESLINE THAT SPINS HIM AROUND LIKE A TOP! Briscoe goes for the Jay Driller, but Cole drills him with the RoH World Title! The referee tosses the match out, and The Bullet Club do the beatdown on “dem boys”. Page and Cole grab some chairs, but Fish and O’Reilly come out with chairs. They’re selling the injuries, Fish has taped up ribs, and reDRagon is just begging them to get into the ring. This wasn’t much of a match to be honest. We have a lot of other stuff getting touched on, but the wrestling seems to be playing second fiddle so far. *

We cut to Matt Taven, who hypes up the return of his Kingdom, who debuts next week when they face The Bullet Club in a first round World Six Man Tag Team Tournament match!

Jay Lethal joins Kevin Kelly on stage, and Jay says that it’s all sinking in. He’s finally getting his rematch for the RoH World Title in England during the Reach for the Sky Tour. Jay believes he’s the best wrestler in the world, and says that he’ll prove it when he becomes a two time World Champion! He warns Cole that he’ll be a different opponent then last time. He has put all of his distractions aside, and he’s going to do everything possible to win that belt back!

We get some highlights of how The Cabinet and Super ACH/Jay White/KUSHIDA made it to the semi-finals of the World Six Man Tag Team Title Tournament. Caprice Coleman get a quick thirty seconds to hype up the upcoming match.

World Six Man Tag Team Title Tournament Semi-Final Match!


The Cabinet vs. Jay White, KUSHIDA, and Super ACH

Winners: Jay White, KUSHIDA, and Super ACH via Midnight Star

The Cabinet kneel for the Code of Honor, and while their opponents wait for them to finish, The Cabinet launch the surprise attack! We return from the commercial with Jay White getting beat on by The Cabinet, who are keeping Jay in their corner, and making the quick tags. Classic Horsemen tactics as the announce teams over on WCW would say back in the day. White, however, finally tags out to ACH, who runs wild! The speedy trio start taking it to Kenny King! In comes KUSHIDA, and Coleman eats some triple team offense. KUSHIDA goes for the Hoverboard Lock, but Caprice makes a mad scramble to the ropes.

Each of the babyfaces take turns working the arm wringer on Caprice, who hilariously screams out in pain. After all of the twisting, KUSHIDA finally kicks the bejesus out of it while ACH holds it in place. ACH sits on the top rope, and tries to fight off the interference from Titus and King, but it would be to no avail. We head into another commercial break with ACH in trouble. He’s still in trouble when we come back, as Caprice hits a springboard elbow as Kenny holds ACH over his knee. ACH tags out to KUSHIDA! KUSHIDA fights off all three members of The Cabinet. Super slick roll-up/german suplex combo on Rhett Titus & Kenny King.

In comes Jay White! Huge triple team combo on Rhett Titus gets Jay White a near fall. The Cabinet get their own near fall after a Sky Sitter from Caprice Coleman! The match completely breaks down, and it’s move city! White catches Caprice off of the top rope with a spinning Uranage, KUSHIDA dives to the outside to take out King and Titus, and ACH finishes it! The opening was made to be pretty rough with all the commercials, but the finishing stretch was fun. ** and ½ *

Next week, Bobby Fish takes on Dragon Lee and The Kingdom will take on The Bullet Club in another World Six Man Tag Team Title Tournament match!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10 This episode felt very similar to last weeks. We’re progressing stories, but we aren’t getting all that much wrestling. It’s still an hour that flys by pretty quickly. However, I’ve come to expect something really good from RoH, wrestling wise, every week on television. Once again, if you’re into the RoH storylines, then give this one a watch. If you aren’t, it’s skippable.

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