The SCU Show: Andrew Luck, NBA Finals 2017, Cam Newton Under Pressure

Cam Newton Under Pressure

On this episode of The SCU Show, there’s a lot of pressure on Andrew Luck to win. However, that pressure won’t be until 2018. Stephen Ur III explains why there’s no pressure in 2017 for Luck and the Indianapolis Colts. While there’s no pressure on Luck in 2017, there’s a lot of pressure over the next two weeks for Lebron James. SCU explains why Lebron losing the finals will hurt his case in the G.O.A.T debate and then some. There’s also pressure on Cam Newton in 2017. So much pressure on the latest episode of the SCU Show!

The SCU Show: Andrew Luck, NBA Finals 2017, Cam Newton Under Pressure

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Stephen Ur III

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