Total Divas Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Orlando Strong

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Total Divas Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Orlando Strong

Previously: Divas have been renamed Women, but the show is still Total Divas. Try and keep up.

It’s the Raw after Wrestlemania, which means new storylines, according to Nattie. Speaking of Nattie, she’s confused as to why Maryse is still hanging out. Um, maybe because her husband is in the company? Nattie is being super bitchy for no reason.

As you all know, since it happened 7-months ago, Miz beat Ryder to win the IC Title, and Maryse is back with the company. SHOCKING!


Nattie is taking photos with daddy Jim. They’re going shot putting. We’re five minutes into this episode and there has been way too much Nattie. So, they put on spandex and throw shot put balls in the backyard. Lana keeps calling her, and asking her wrestling questions. Wait, we’re two months after Mania, and she has these questions? Did Lana wrestle after Mania? Especially two months after Mania?

Brie and Nikki go for a drink. Nikki lets Brie know that they are on the cover of Latina magazine. The shoot is Friday. Brie wants to move the shoot back because she’s ovulating and wants to bang Bryan on that day instead. Can they please come up with new material for these two? They have the same fight on every episode.

Renee, Nattie, and Trinity go to dinner. Nattie is super excited that she’s feuding with Charlotte over the Women’s Title. Oh god. Don’t remind us. Lana joins the dinner. The girls ask her how she’s doing at Live Events. She says that she’s the most flexible girl on the roster. Lucky, Rusev. Some pic of her lifting her leg, and showing her pikachu went viral. Lana keeps asking Nattie for advice, and Nattie is not feeling it. If she’s not teaching the younger women, why is she around?

ANOTHER NATTIE SEGMENT? JESUS PLEASE STOP NO ONE WANTS THIS MUCH NATTIE! She meets with Mark Carano and he’s like, “you better deliver or else we’re going to go in a different direction.” He even mentioned, “Lana vs. Charlotte.”

So, Charlotte wrestles Nattie and everyone backstage is like, “the crowd is flat.” BUT THEN THE MATCH IS SO GREAT THAT THE CROWD GOES CRAZY! At least it’s edited to look that way.

Trinity talks about the Orlando shooting. She and her uncle have a real conversation about real events, and I can’t say anything snarky. It was a tragic event, and my thoughts still go out to the victims and their families.

Nikki and Brie go to their photoshoot. Nikki is talking about BirdieBee, which I think is Nikki and Brie’s fashion line that they want to launch in September. It’s November, and I’m assuming that it still hasn’t launched because WWE hasn’t mentioned it every time Nikki is on TV.

Trinity and her uncle visit the site of the shooting. Jess is next to me crying.

Lana and Nattie go for a workout. Lana is more concerned with her entrance. I think her character is that she’s a gymnast.

Nikki and Brie meet with some branding guy to talk about BirdieBee. They are invited to walk the red carpet for some event. Nikki immediately agrees without consulting Brie, who is sitting right next to her. Here’s what happens: Nikki wants to live her life one way, and Brie wants to do it a different way. However, Nikki is only concerned about herself and her brand. Brie is concerned with herself and her family. It’s the same plot you’ve seen for 10 seasons now, and it’s the same plot you’ll see for 10 more seasons. By the end of the episode, they’ll make up and on the next episode, have the same premise of an argument, just under different circumstances.

Lana and Nattie go to Nattie’s house. Daddy Jim is going to teach Lana how to shot put. WHERE IS RUSEV IN ALL OF THIS?!?! I was looking forward to Lana being on the show because I thought it meant more Rusev. Daddy Jim and Lana do shot put, and Lana ends up throwing the ball at a car window. I’m sure that wasn’t fake at all. Fake or not, I did laugh.

Nattie comes out, and sees her smash windshield. She’s pissed. Lana is crying. Nattie yells at Lana for taking up all of her time, and just being an inconvenience.

Trinity visits a friend who was working at Pulse on the night of the shooting. She recounts the story, and this is tough. Trinity wants to give back to the community.

More Nikki and Brie talking. I’m not recapping them anymore. I’ll let you know when they are on the screen and when they are BFFs again.

Nattie is wrestling Dana on Raw. Lana is watching backstage. WHY IS NATTIE ON THIS EPISODE SO MUCH?!?! I hope this is the only screen time Nattie gets all season. Lana gets pissed that Dana does a cartwheel splash, which she’s been doing in practice. Oh man, she must have major heat with Alexa Bliss. Lana wants to talk to Nattie about the spot. Lana starts crying, and now Nattie realizes that Lana is determined and stuff. So, they make up. WHAT HAPPENED WITH LANA AND DANA BECAUSE THAT’S THE REAL STORY HERE!

Trinity and Uncle Buck (that’s his name) want to do a visual for the community. Trinity gives a heartfelt speech to the community, shows off a plaque that memorializes the victims, lights candles, and does a moment of silence. This is all touching.

Brie and Bryan are driving somewhere. Brie wants to talk about Bryan about having kids. This all feels irrelevant now that we know Brie is pregnant. Bryan admits that he still has concerns about being a father. This scares Brie. Why? I’m pretty sure my dad still has concerns about being a father to me, and I’m 28. Bryan says his concerns revolve around his depression, and the unpredictable nature of being a father. Brie understands this. These two.

This episode was a chore. The Trinity stuff was very heartfelt, touching, and real. Aside from that, there was way too much Nattie, and the same Nikki vs. Brie thing we’ve seen a million times. WHERE IS RUSEV?!?!?!

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