Austin Foncannon

Austin is a casual player who enjoys playing video games in his spare time but is sure to balance life with his game time, so he doesn't become the "best" at the games he plays but that doesn't stop him from doing his best to win each time. Fighters, Shooters, Real Time Strategies, he plays a little bit of everything. Some of his favorite games include: Super Smash Bros., Rainbow Six Siege, Dark Souls, and Tekken. Just to name a few. While he may not always be up to date on the gaming news, he is sure to keep his head level with hard facts and appreciate classics as well as newer games. Youtube Channel: Auscarsy Twitch: Auscarsy Steam name: Mymomateurs Xbox Life Gamertag: Auscarsy117 WiiU Name: Auscarsy Email: Skype: Auscarsy

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