WWE 2K17 Review

Yukes and 2K promise a lot of changes with WWE 2K17. Some which may even cause veteran players to relearn some controls and game mechanics. There’s new characters. New moves and modes added. Plus, Hot-Mic promos are upped from single form skits to full events. The game has definitely become more in-depth. Something fans of WWE games have wanted since the change from THQ to 2K. Does the game finally deliver the true WWE Experience? It certainly does.

WWE 2K17 Review


Title: WWE 2K17
Platform: PS4, Xbox One [Reviewed], Xbox 360, PC, PS3
Genre: Wrestling Simulation
Developer: Yukes, Visual Concepts
Publisher: 2K Sports
Players: 1-4 Local (1-8 Online)
Rating: T For Teen
Release Date: October 11, 2016
Price: 59.99

History of MyCareer Mode

MyCareer mode was one of the most sought after features when the upcoming 2K17 was announced. Ever since it’s introduction in 2K15, it has been a common ground for players to take their favorite Create-A-Wrestler’s, which can range from original Superstars, Superstars not in WWE to make the game, or video game renditions of themselves. Then, players take those characters into the WWE Developmental territory. Next, they fight their way from the bottom to becoming the company’s champion. All the matches along the way are rated on a scale of five stars, earning you more in game currency, the higher the rating.

In the earliest version of MyCareer, the 2K15 version, The goal of the game mode was to become the champion. The game then skipped to your last match where you lose a simulated match against an opponent and retire. In 2K16, the goal was to make it to the WWE Hall of Fame by completing a checklist of objectives. In 2K17, from the length the game was played for this review, there is no serious end goal in mind. The player simply takes on various championships and tries out different things. Be a good guy. Be a bad guy. In addition, cheat, play fair, win alone or take on a partner. There are many things you can do, and with no end goal, there is plenty of time to try all possibilities.

2K17 MyCareer Changes


2K gave MyCareer more significance this year, by removing the Showcase mode and making this the story mode in WWE 2K17. You can now use the in-depth promos to start rivalries, create tag teams, or gain fans. Fighting is only one half of the battle now, the other half is keeping your character interesting to virtual fans. You even get extra Virtual Credits for changing your signature shirt so the fans stay interested. 2K17 turns the fans into your greatest ally, the more you impress them the more VC you receive to make yourself stronger. Not to mention, the option to align yourself with “The Authority”, or the mad genius known as Paul Heyman. These options can help give characters more depth as well. Yukes and 2K did not stop there though, they made big improvements to Universe Mode too.

Universe Mode

WWE 2K17 Review

Universe Mode is 2K17‘s answer to every “What-If” scenario possible. What-If Super Mario began a rampage in the WWE and aimed to beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title? Find a Mario on the Community Creations and put him on RAW and SmackDown shows. Take him to victory, and show the WWE what 20+ years of jumping on turtles does to your face kicking abilities. Sounds silly right? Well, in Universe mode silly is just an adjective. Pick your favorite superstar, it does not matter who, and put them in scenario after scenario of your choosing.

One on three for bragging rights? Possible. A tournament for the WWE Championship? Possible. A promo battle? all possible. Of course, the most exciting part is you are not defined by one character. You can play or customize every event and decide how the WWE as a whole moves forward. Almost every detail from winners and losers, participants, and title changes are in your hands. Unless of course you choose to fill the shows with fighters of your choice and simulate them. You can simulate the universe, place the pieces of the puzzle and watch them come together on their own, watching the universe grow from afar. It’s all in your hands in Universe Mode.

Creation Suite


The Creation Suite is where players go in game to customize the characters, arenas, logos, and Championships to play with in Exhibition and Universe modes. You can edit virtually everything on your superstar. From his or her looks, moves, entrance, their allies and enemies too. The newest edition for 2K17 is highlight videos. This allows players to make game clips and put them in the titantron videos for entrances. It is pretty cool to see your editing in action.

If you want to update a current superstar on the roster, you can edit the attire of WWE Superstars in the game already. You can even put your own face in the game to make that special version of you in game, so you can live vicariously through your Custom Superstar.

Fight in the Back


The Mechanics of the game have been based on the same platform since the Xbox One and PS4 version of 2K15. To 2K’s credit, they build on that platform every year. The newest installments in 2K17 include changing how taunts function, as well as the return of level changing during free form matches, (I.e. Last Man Standing, Falls Count Anywhere, No Holds Barred all allow you to leave the arena and go fight backstage.) It’s a great feeling to have the freedom to take a match anywhere in the arena. Fighting in backstage areas has been missing for a few years and it is nice to see it back.

Some Negatives


Not everything in the game, is a total positive though. In Royal Rumbles, the players are seen as the highest threat by incoming A.I. so it is not uncommon to see 3 vs. 1 scenarios occur. Considering the limited reversals, these often go downhill for the player quickly. Also, the A.I. players get up faster than players, even when they have a lower health bar, making matches with objectives (I.E. TLC, Ladder, Money In The Bank) hard to accomplish. Simply because the A.I. will not give a lot of time to complete said objective.

The hit boxes on some moves conflict with the hit boxes of some characters as well. For example, a big boot is hard to hit with a 5‘11“ character on anyone above 6‘8“ as they have to be very close to reach their head. Not all are this similar, but it is obvious not all hit boxes match up. In other scenarios, where both the player and the A.I. attack at the same time, the game chooses the A.I. in a roughly 7 out of 10 times, the A.I. comes out on top over the player.

In Conclusion



Incredible Creation Depth

MyCareer best in series so far

Backstage Brawling very fun


A.I. in Royal Rumbles Can be Unfair

Matches with climbing objectives have issues

Hit Detection uneven with size differences

Overall Thoughts: 8 Out of 10. WWE 2K17 is definitely a monumental leap forward from 2K16. Taking what people enjoyed from the new games and developing them more. Reviving some features we haven’t seen since the Nintendo 64 days of WWF No Mercy. The character depth has become immense, for CAW’s. The WWE Home Experience is becoming better and better with each new release. However, there’s still room for improvement and I’m sure Yukes and Visual Concepts will continue to do that. Even with it’s faults, this a terrific game for wrestling fans to enjoy.

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