The Best and Worst Movies of 2022

The Best and Worst Movies of 2022

Chris Owen and Neil Blackwood and special guest Mark Radulich present their The Best and Worst Movies of 2022!

It’s the long awaited and hotly anticipated EOTY show where Neil, Chris and special guest Mark Radulich(of w2mnet.com and Radulich in Broadcasting) talk the good, the great and the crappy as they give their lists for top 10 best, top 5 worst and 5 honorable mentions. Many laughs to be had and maybe even more dick jokes but mostly movie talk.

Movies discussed are Avatar- The Way of Water, The Menu, The Batman, a href=”https://w2mnet.com/top-gun-maverick-2022-movie-review/”>Top Gun Maverick and more!

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Episode 252 The Best and Worst Movies of 2022!

Movies That Don’t Suck and Some That Do

Just two guys with a love of movies sitting down to chat above movies. We’ll be putting out episodes weekly where we share our thoughts on the new movies YOU want to hear about.

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