Cody Howk

The man of 1004 nicknames has many names, Mr. Howkstanding, Howk-a-licious, Howkamania, you get the point, but his real name is Cody Howk. He is a weather forecaster in the United States Air Force by trade, but his true passion has always been professional wrestling. The Ayatollah of Howk n Rolla became a wrestling fan when he was six years old when a friend invited him over to watch WrestleMania X. Watching the organized chaos that occurred during the Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon Ladder match will forever be engraved into his mind. In 2015, The Doctor of Howk-a-nomics started training to be a wrestler in Mississippi but unfortunately, he was transferred to Alaska just two weeks in and moved to a location where there are no local wrestling promotions. So now in order to make up for the lack of actually wrestling, The Howkinator has become a contributor for the W2M Network and writes NXT reviews, opinion articles, and you can also listen to him weekly on the Jobber's Court Wrestling Podcast.

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